Friday, December 27, 2002

100 Hours to go... until Phish!

Top 10 Random Phishy memories...

10. My 100th show at Deer Creek (7.12.00)... the boys opened with a rare MY FRIEND MY FRIEND.

9. Zobo pulling out his ticket stub and holding it up during Golgi Apparatus at the Osaka, Japan show  (6.16.00).

8. Beano making fun of the half naked, passed out, fat guy at the Fox Theatre (Atlanta 4.23.94).

7. Gil eating ice cream during Mellow Mood opener, Pepsi Arena (Albany 9.8.00).

6. Following Mike Gordon to the venue in Fukuoka, Japan after I got Señor, Beano & myself lost.

5. Jay Sheer eating Chicken Strips and fries in the middle of the Vegas Halloween show (10.31.98)... while Senor and I are completely dosed out.

4. Going to a show with Heather and her parents at the Woodlands, Texas (9.25.99) and having to drive her parents home because they "had too much fun" at the show.

3. Señor jumping up and down with the happiest smile I had ever seen on his face, during the middle of First Tube at Osaka, Japan (6.16.00).

2. Boogie's glowstick hitting Page's Piano during Harry Hood (Nassau 10.8.99).

and #1.... random Phishy memory...

1. The Phishy Proposal... Las Vegas (9.29.00)... during Mellow Mood a guy proposed to his girlfriend... read all about it in this month's issue of Truckin!

P.S. Sorry for the cheap plug... :) and I'm sorry if one of our moments did not make the TOP 10... I did this off the top of my head and I can think of a half o dozen memories that I missed... like Heather locking the her car keys in her trunk at the Gorge, and the best piss of our lives that KK and I took before the PNC show in the parking lot, and Spider wearing the full cowboy ensemble: black hat and the "Don't put your dick in my friends" t-shirt at Oswego... lol... and the Pauly Mobile running out of gas with Señor & Modeski after a NJ show... and how could I forget Phil Lesh playing with the boys at Shoreline in 1999... so many memories... so little time... to blog and to email you... I guess thats why you have to buy the book!

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