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Happy Belated 5th Birthday, Tao of Pauly!

I was so busy that I forgot that the Tao of Pauly turned 5 at the end of last week. Yes, it's been five years since Dave Simnaoff encouraged me to start my own blog and the rest has been history. It's been a fun ride and here are some month-by-month highlights of the last 10 months. I'm not going to highlight May 2007 or April 2007 in case you were wondering why I was only going to cover 10 months instead of 12.

June 2006

I started off the month visiting Spacman and his lovely wife in Ashland City, TN. Nicky flew out from Hollyweird and we sampled the quiet country life. I took a few pics along the way.

Then I joined forces with BTreotch, The Joker, and Molly as we took in the Bonnaroo music festival. The highlights were Beck, Radiohead, and My Morning Jacket's epic Midnight set.
Bonnaroo Part I: Thursday Arrival
Bonnaroo Part II: Fanfuckingtastic Friday
Bonnaroo Part III: Superlicious Saturday
Bonnaroo Part IV: Sunday Finale
I also went to Boulder for a long weekend and took in two Widespread Panic shows at Red Rocks. I took more pics and posted a few setlists.

And I posted a screen cap of my article that was on the front page of Fox Sports for a couple of hours.

July 2006

I caught two Widespread Panic shows at the Wiltern Theatre in Hollyweird with Nicky.

I was super busy with working the WSOP and the Tao was neglected during the summer months. I posted lots of pics in July of last year.

Like pics of food.

Like pics of my friends playing poker.

I actually played in a WSOP event and busted out early.

And then there was the night when Otis ate Keno crayons.

Nicky and I were invited to the BoDog party at Tao nightclub. We saw ninja midgets and I watched Amy Calistri get groped by Gavin Smith.

August 2006

I had a rare day off at the WSOP and drove out to Red Rock Canyon to think. Afterwards, I ate one of the Top 5 meals of my life courtesy of Ryan at Nob Hill.

I posted a pic of the Tilted Kilt waitresses where we drank every night at dinner break because the Hooker Bar was too crowded.

Can't Find My Way Home is a somber piece about being on the road too much for work and not having... a home. I wrote it during a haze of utter despair and depression after working too many hours at the WSOP.

Dan Micahlski tried to get us a free visit to a shooting range after he wrote an email to the "gun store people" in Las Vegas.

Nicky and I had a couples night out in Las Vegas after the WSOP ended with Michalski and Jen. That's when Michalski joked that "our lives are tax deductible."

One More Week in Hell
told the story of our quaint suburban lives outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, NV.

Nicky and I saw Snakes on a Plane!

I posted black and white photos from the WSOP.

Grubby finally moved out of Las Vegas. We said good-bye to the apartment. Grubby gave his furniture away to a Mexican family that lived downstairs.

Post of the Year? The Red Rock Canyon photo gallery featured some of my best photos and was is one of my favorite Tao of Pauly posts of all time. Bruce came out to visit and I drove him out there one afternoon.

After the WSOP ended, I flew out to Boulder and caught several Galactic shows. The Joker and I saw three; one up at Fort Collins and two in Boulder. Daddy joined us for the last show.

Before I left Boulder, I wrote Jon Benet Insomnia.

September 2006

I spent the beginning of the month in LA before I returned to NYC. I spent a lot of time at Zuma Beach in Malibu. I also love Zankou Chicken.

I had a contest: Which Bald Spot Am I?

I took pics in Colorado and Hollyweird.

I caught two Widespread Panic shows at Radio City Music Hall which featured new guitar player Jimmy Herring.

I turned 34.

I celebrated my birthday with my brother and friends and got shitfaced in NYC.

Then I drove down to Atlantic City and eventually to AlCantHang's Bash at the Boathouse. Hijinks ensued.

I ended the month struggling to re-write Jack Tripper Stole My Dog.

October 2006

The Yankees were in the playoffs for an 11th consecutive year. Sadly, the Yanks were bounced from the playoffs and pitcher Cory Lidle died in a plane crash.

I posted some excerpts from recent voicemails that I got.

I went out to lunch with Senor and Girtz with their wives and kids in the West Village. That's when Ang told me that I looked fat. I agreed and dropped 20 pounds in a few weeks by dieting and exercise. I starting running and was up to 5 miles a day. I also posted pics of my jogging route.

I wrote a review of Trey Anastasio's new album Bar 17 and I also caught a show at Webster Hall with Bruce.

I got dropped by a few freelance clients in the wake of the UIGEA and had to take a paycut with two of my regular columns.

I was quoted in a Business Week article about the online gambling prohibition.

Four Conversations About Nothing
was about brief talks I had in one single night with The Rooster, Senor, Nicky, and The Joker.

Derek had a birthday.

I finished the second draft of Jack Tripper Stole My Dog and spent my last day in NYC before I hit the road.

I flew out to Hollyweird where Nicky and I saw Malcolm in the Middle driving his swanky car at The Grove.

I saw Galactic play at The House of Blues in West Hollywood.

We drove to Las Vegas for the Vegoose music festival and caught a great Trey Anastasio Band show to open up the crazy weekend.

I also posted setlists for Widespread Panic's Vegoose set and their Halloween show.

November 2006

I posted recaps of Vegoose... Day 1 and Day 2.

I also posted a hilarious video of the UPS Man at Vegoose.

Nicky and I went to Amsterdam. I posted several pics and photo dumps. I also posted two videos. I wrote about our misadventures such as Grey Haze and 12... where we went to 12 hash bars in 12 hours.

I stopped using Buzznet and went with Flickr as the place to host all of my photos.

I cross-posted 15 Minutes on both the Tao of Pauly and the Tao of Poker. Good piece.

I wore old clothes for the first time in a very long time during a two week stint in NYC.

I also read a ton of books.

Then there was Puppy Jerk. I love stories about chicks wanking off puppies.

Derek won the Pauly's Pub College Football pool.

December 2006

I went to see My Morning Jacket at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Amazing show.

I had an 11 hour flight from hell on Jet Blue to Long Beach, CA.

Once in Hollyweird, I wrote about Alley Kittens and Los Potheads.

I headed to Las Vegas for a gathering of the bloggers and posted pics.

At the hooker bar in Vegas, Daddy offered up his services as a male prostitute.

Trey was busted for a DUI. Friggin' junkie.

I bumped into Rachel Bilson at The Grove.

I posted more LA pics.

I discovered that Hydrocodone was generic Vicodin.

The Rooster and I crashed Ethan Hawke's Christmas Party after a night of drinking with Derek and F Train.

I flew back to California and had to sit next to a crying baby.

I spliced together the 2006 Year in Review video.

January 2007

I started off the new year in San Francisco after Nicky and I saw My Morning Jacket's concert at the Fillmore on NYE.

I spent the entire month down under in Australia for two weeks of work and two weeks of traveling. My first 24 hours in OZ was fun.

Jules hosted a BBQ for me in Melbourne.

I went to the Aquarium. I also took a ton of pics of food.

I headed up to the Gold Coast with Brandon and Schecky.

Lucky for us... Schecky scored us back stage passes for Big Day Out! We saw Tool, Muse, John Butler Trio, Jet, and The Killers. Oh and Kate Hudson was backstage too.

I fell in love with Byron Bay. See the pics and decide for yourself.

Brandon and I stayed in a hostel in Sydney with hot French and German chicks.

I spent Australia Day with Ali at her house.

I also went to a BBQ at Nigel's flat in Glebe.

I posted a video for Shronk's Vegemite Prop Bet.

Then there was the infamous Syndey pic dump.

February 2007

I upgraded to Business Class for my flight from Sydney to LAX.

I posted more pics of Byron Bay.

I was happy to be Back in LA and Back in NYC.

Past discussed my stagnation as a writer.

I got snowed into NYC after a Valentine's Day blizzard that almost ruined JetBlue. I finally made it to LA a couple of days later.

Britney Spears had a mental breakdown and I wrote about 32 Steps to Lunacy.

I got strep. Again.

March 2007

Started the month in Hollweird and some of my favorite writings are about being in LA. Check out Rex, Blow, and Pink's and The Last Zankou.

I posted the second annual LA Truckin' issue and I finally got Wil to write for us!

I visited Jerry in Miami and went to Langerado music festival with The Joker, Nicky, Pablo, and Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot. Check out Day 1 and Day 2 ad Day 3.

Oh and don't forget about the Langerado Videos... Widespread Panic, Matisyahu, and Trey Anasastio Band and Galactic, MMW, and MMJ.

I hurt my shoulder.

The Flight of the Stripper happened on my flight to Las Vegas with Derek for March Madness with Senor.

Las Slacker captured our time at Red Rock casino for March Madness.

I flew from Las Vegas to NYC, then NYC to Madrid, and eventually Madrid to Nice. Of course I still wasn't in Monte Carlo which I had to be for a week long assignment.

I took pics of lovely Monte Carlo. I also stumbled upon Beverly Hills 90210 in French!

Lost in Translation had more pics of Monte Carlo.

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