Friday, February 22, 2008

Last Day Skinny

By Pauly

Woke up late. Wrote. Bought a croissant, banana, fruit, and a mineral water from a Boulangerie. I lived around the corner during the summer. I went to Siberie, a local's coffeeshop . I drank mint tea as the Buena Vista Social Club blasted, while two old guys sat in the corner and played chess.

I took the tram to Leidesplein and went to Rookie's. No Woman No Cry was on the stereo. So cliche. I bought Durban Poison. I drank fresh squeezed orange juice at the Bulldog. I went to the Rokerij and sat next to a table of Americans from Sacremnto. I walked into Dolphins. I went there with Senor on my first trip to Amsterdam in 1996.

The Dampkring was crowded. I found a seat near the window. The first stool had an old man. The second stool had a white cat. I sat in the third stool. The cat just sat as its tail swooped around. The old man smoked hash out of an opium pipe.

In Dam Square, a PR company promoted The Simpsons Movie DVD. Girls wearing big blue Marge Simpson wigs handed out free donuts.

The Grey Area was packed. I went to Amnesia instead and drank hot chocolate. They played some weird mash up of a Black Eyed Peas song and a Queen song.

I wrote in my room and ate a ham and cheese on a baguette for dinner. I bought Willie Nelson at Barney's. The starting line of Cripple Creek began as I walked into the 420 Cafe. That was a cool moment in the soundtrack of my life.

Went to the Pink Floyd, where they played the Pulp Fiction soundtrack on the stereo from start to finish. I used to have that CD until I sold it at a used bookstore in Seattle in 1998. Hung out with a weird French guy who asked me about rolling joints without tobacco. I gave a street performer 2.25 Euros. He had only five strings on his guitar as he played the blues. I watched a guy puke in front of an ATM on the Damrak.

The red light district lost a lot of their window girls. The city shut them down. Mannequins wearing designer clothes replaced the windows which used to be draped with hookers. I saw one lady of the night wearing a red hat with a white NY Yankees logo.

I ended the night at the other Rokerij. The guy there remembered me from the summer. I used to live just two block away...

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