Sunday, April 13, 2008


By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I have been on an odd sleep schedule. I crash around 2am and wake up at 5am. Then around 11am, I take a nap for thirty minutes.

I like the vibe of the 5am hour. It's still dark and cool outside. I open up all the windows in the apartment and play music at the lowest possible volume that sometimes I struggle to hear it.

7am for me is 4 in the afternoon for Nicky in Monte Carlo. By the time I wake up, she has been at work for a couple of hours. Although I'm glad I didn't go... I'm a little sad that I didn't get to see a lot of cool people I met along the way. I'll just have to wait until Las Vegas this summer.

I have been re-writing. That's worse than writing. To me it's the least appealing aspect of writing. I'm not a disciplined re-writer. It take tons of concentration and you have to go over every sentence with total scrutiny. It's actually very draining. My brain is fried after an hour of than and it take me twenty minutes to get back into gear. When I write... just let it rip and write... I can go for several hours without a break or even moving. In February I got to write in Las Vegas... and that was tons of fun. Right now? I'm struggling to find the joy in re-writing. I keep reminding myself that this is as important as writing.

Being in the apartment by myself, means that I have been playing a lot of music pretty much all day. I finally caught up on tons of new music that I added to my iPod over the last three months. I caught up on several Phish bootlegs, BTreotch's 1st Quarter mix, and listened to an assortment of older jazz that I had such as Ornette Coleman, Thelonius Monk, and Miles Smiles.

I've also been on a Grace Potter & The Nocturnals kick and listened to a couple of her recent shows. I discovered that they are opening up for Phil and Friends at the Greek Theatre in LA in May. I have tickets to that Mother's Day show.

Speaking of LA based shows, I picked up STS9 tickets for the House of Blues. They are playing two nights and I figured we could check them out one night. I caught Galactic at HoB a year or more ago. Nice venue, but they had over priced drinks and it was hard to smoke.

I woke up early on Saturday to make sure I bought Radiohead tickets. They're playing Southern California shows in August. I'm going to be in San Francisco the weekend that they play the Hollywood Bowl, but they play other two shows close by (and by close by less than a two hour drive). I missed the pre-sale earlier in the week, but I scored tickets to the Chula Vista show via Ticketbastard.

That's a cool venue located just outside of San Diego. I saw shows there when it was Coors Amphitheatre. I caught two amazing Phish shows there... including 9.18.99, which I think was one of the Top 10 Phish shows that I had ever seen. They played a 22 minute version of Boogie On Reggae Women that I still get goosebumps every time I hear the bootleg.

At the 10.4.00 Chula Vista show, I went with my Japanese friends who were on tour with me. I got busted by a security guard for smoking a bowl. He was cool and told me that I couldn't smoke. He let me keep everything and never bothered me again. We had scored some great pharmies in the parking lot from this guy I had met at one of the Las Vegas shows the week before. Those pills would get us through Shoreline.

Wow. Flashback over.

Before the Yankees game started on Sunday, I wandered over to Subway for a quick bite. Except that the line was out the door. They are running a $5 footlong special and all the cheap bastards came out of the woodwork. The two min-wage kids behind the counter were slammed. They were probably making 25 cents per sandwich made. It was balls hot too and I made a command decision to see if Nick's has an open seating.

I didn't think I'd be heading to Nick's because we usually avoid it on weekends since it's always crowded. I wandered inside and the counter seats were empty. I sat baffled for a few moments as I struggled over the eternal decision... breakfast or lunch? I intended on eating some sort of chipolte chicken sandwich at Subway, but all of a sudden I had a myriad of choices. Food options are always difficult when you are baked.

I eventually went with a 2/3 pound bacon and swiss burger. They always have the TV on in the corner. During the week it's usually on an alphabet news station. On the weekend afternoons, it's not uncommon to see sports like the Dodgers or Lakers. I watched the Lakers run over the Spurs while I waited for my burger.

I usually walk to Nick's so after I paid, I went out the door and started walking back to the apartment. I must have walked a half of a block when I realized that I drove to Subway then walked to Nick's. I turned around and headed back to Subway's parking lot. I wondered if I would have been served by then if I waited in the sweltering Subway?

When I got back, I spoke to Nicky on Skype. I cut and pasted the weather channel's current temperature for her neighborhood. 96 degrees. She couldn't believe it. Neither could I. Was it that hot?

Then again, I realized that I was sitting in just my boxers. No shirt. I had every possible window open. Nicky suggested I turn on the A/C but I was trying to tough it out.

I wrote for a bit before I turned on Game 3 of the Rangers/Devils. The Rangers were up 2-0 in the series. I missed the first two games but Game 3 was on Versus. With my luck, the rangers would lose the game that I watched. That's what happened to the Yankees. The first game of the Red Sox and Yanks series was not televised in LA. The Yanks won that one. The Saturday and Sunday games were televised nationally. Of course, the Yanks lost Saturday in a rain delay and were getting beat up on Sunday.

As I finish off this post, Yankees are still getting spanked while the Rangers lost to the Devils in OT. Ouch.

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