Saturday, April 26, 2008


By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Josh Howard dunking the dank!

Yesterday, my brother sent me this article... Josh Howard admits to smoking marijuana.

Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal that a twenty-something year old admitted to toking some reefer but since it's Josh Howard, NBA All-Star for the Dallas Mavericks, it's become a big deal.

"I don't think that's stopping me from doing my job," Howard said. "I think that everybody in the media world and in the sports world knows that NBA players do smoke marijuana."

No word on how owner Mark Cuban or head coach Avery Johnson will handle Howard's open admission of his off-season pot smoking on Michael Irvin's show on ESPN Radio.

I briefly wrote about this subject on Coventry yesterday as a part of our Weed News. I even showed off my crappy photoshop skills with an enhanced photo of Howard dunking a fatty nug of White Widow. The gang at Coventry also bestowed Josh Howard with out first ever award... Pothead of the Week. And we're not giving him the award as something cool... rather, we're making poking fun at him because only a true pothead would go on ESPN radio and admit that he smokes pot.

Howard and the Mavs were down 0-2 to the New Orleans Hornets in the first round of the NBA playoffs, before they won Game 3. If they win the series, the pot-smoking scandal will blow over. But if the Mavs lose, the boo birds and anti-tokers will come out of the woodwork and cite Howard's marijuana use as the reason the Mavs were bounced from the playoffs. I know it's absurd, but that's just how the media circus works.

What people do in their own spare time is their own business. Dozens and dozens of NBA executives, coaches, and players smoke the mary jane. Heck, NBA history is peppered with pot scandals such as Isaiah Rider and Robert Parrish.

Isaiah Rider, from the Portland Trailblazers, got busted in Oregon smoking weed in a coke can in his car by the cops. The dude was pulling in some good cash and he couldn't even afford a bong or a pipe? Anyway, the NBA didn't react too harsh. Rider was only fined two games for weed smoking. That same season, Rider was fined three games for spitting on a fan. David Stern and the NBA suits set a precedent. Smoking weed is not as bad as spitting on fans.

And then there is the Chief! Remember how former Boston Celtic legend Robert Parrish got busted for someone trying to Fed Ex a pound of weed to his house?

But there was a difference... Rider was a troubled player who skipped practices, while Parrish was an integral part of the Boston Celtics championship teams.

For a public figure like Howard to admit toking the weed to the media (on ESPN Radio nonetheless) is an incredibly stupid move. Somethings need to be kept under the radar. But the onus is on Howard. Will he be known as a productive pot smoker like The Chief? Or will be become one of the many wasted-talents of the NBA such as Isaiah Rider?

It's a known fact in the hills of Hollyweird that one of the biggest pot smokers in the entertainment industry is... Harrison Ford. Yep, he's a midnight toker. Han Solo smoked weed. Indiana Jones liked the wacky tabaccky. Of course, Ford isn't going to openly admit his penchant for the ganja. He's too smart to do that.

Howard is a just a 20-something kid and was speaking his mind. But what the hell were his agent, manager, and the Mavs PR guy doing when he said that he was going to go on the air and discuss marijuana and the NBA? They have to shoulder some of the blame.

Marijuana is a not a performance enhancing drug. For many years, the NBA didn't test for it. And as we know, professional athletes are constantly testing the elasticity of other banned substances. Pot isn't something guys are going to be smoking on a regular basis during the season, especially the playoffs. Granted, I'm sure the NBA, NHL, and MLB really could care less about a little weed since they know there's worse problems with rampant abuse of steroids, booze, painkillers, and cocaine.

But for management... the bottom line is that marijuana is still a touchy subject and that kids are getting mixed messages today from the athletes they watch on TV. If it's OK for guys like Barry Bonds to use performance enhancing dugs, then it's OK to smoke pot like Josh Howard.

For the record, if I could write at a level like where Barry Bonds hits homeruns... then I would be juiced up on BALCO products... all the time. As is, I can't score any BALCO, HGH, Cream, or the Clear... but luckily my girlfriend has a medicinal marijuana card.

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