Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Swing...

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

By the fourth day of the WSOP, a routine has been established. I wake up much more refreshed than in previous years and I really can't wait to get to work. I have been focusing on people this year and spending time with new folks and old folks that I only get to see at the WSOP. The tournaments have become secondary to the people who are around these events.

I have been driving my rental car to the Rio. My best time is a shade over 15 minutes at 4am one night. During the day it takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes. I only had one tough day of traffic. I really thought that it was going to be worse.

I have a regular seat in the press box. I usually sit near Michalski. Late nights, Flipchip sits next to me which is cool because we haven't been able to sit side-bu-side for a very long time.

Most of the media is broken up into three areas; the media room, the press box, and on the floor. Nicky primarily works on the tournament floor usually at a table in a corner near the action. The press box looks out onto the tournament floor and I love that aspect. And then there's the media room which has three TVs and several other folks are in there like Owen and Spaceman.

Speaking of Spaceman, Derek wanted to see a pic of the mountain man. Here it is...


Jim James

I told ya, he's a dead ringer for Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

Anyway, my buddy Benjo is here and covering all the French players. He wrote some nice things about my poker blog on his site. My French is awful so I have to rely on babelfish to translate his work.

Benjo wrote this recently...
L’adresse incontournable de cet été pour suivre les WSOP sous toutes les coutures, ce sera bien sur (en plus de WickedChops) le génial Tao of Poker de mon estimé collègue, mentor et ami Pauly. Le globe-trotter New Yorkais, avec qui j’ai passé une bonne partie de la saison à bosser et prendre du bon temps d’Amsterdam à Los Angeles, a pris l’excellente décision de bosser pour lui-même en priorité lors de cette édition 2008, pour couvrir chaque journée sur son blog. A mon goût, Pauly avait été sous-utilisé par PokerNews en 2007, employé pour remplir des descriptions de mains sans saveur à longueur de tournoi. Heureusement pour nous tous, cette année, Pauly n’écrira qu’une chronique hebdomadaire pour le média exclusif des WSOP, et se concentrera sur le Tao, où il délivrera des mises à jour heure par heure, puis un post récapitulatif en fin de journée. Un peu comme ce que je vais faire sur Winamax et sur ce présent blog. Toute la journée, des infos en continu sur nos français, et le soir, mes impressions et opinions sur le grand cirque. Ca me semble être un bon plan. Et j’ai quelques autres projets et surprises en stock.
... and when we use Bablefish his post translates into this...
The address impossible to circumvent of this summer to follow the WSOP under all the seams, it will be of course (in addition to WickedChops) brilliant the Tao off Poker of my estimated colleague, mentor and friendly Pauly. The globe trotter New Yorker, with which I passed a good part of the season to work and take good time from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, made the excellent decision to work for itself in priority at the time of this edition 2008, to cover each day on his blog. With my taste, Pauly had been under-utilized in 2007, employed to fill of descriptions of hands without savour to length of tournament. Fortunately for us all, this year, Pauly will write only one weekly chronicle for the exclusive media of the WSOP, and will concentrate on the Tao, where it will deliver.
I went to Fatburger with Benjo. He had never been to that chain. I prefer In & Out to Fat Burger but it's still way better than the other fast food Buger chains.

I met Michalksi's aunt and uncle. Apparently, his Uncle Ray is a fan of Tao of Poker.

On Tuesday morning, I woke up and hung out with my roommates. Nicky didn't have to work, so four of us were chilling out while Kristy told us a few hilarious stories about life as a professional gambler. She was going to play in the noon tournament but opted to sit out at the pool instead. It was a perfect pool day and I really wanted to hang out instead of going to work. I compromised... and went to a stripclub in the afternoon before I headed to work. Nicky was totally cool with that. She had the day off and went to get her nails done with Jen Leo.

My buddy Brandon Schaefer is going deep in one tournament. He made the final two tables and is trying to advance to his first ever WSOP final table. He made two final tables on the European Poker Tour including a first and second place finish.

I'm watching Joba Chamberlin's first outing as a starting pitcher. Of course, the Blue Jays whooped the Yankees. It's 9-2 right now and I have to turn it off.

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