Sunday, June 01, 2008

Last Saturday in May

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Here's some of the random things that happened on Saturday...

I ate a Cliff Bar for breakfast on my way to work as I jammed out Ghost from Phish on my way to the Rio casino.

In the press box, I sat next to a "cougar" aka Michele Lewis.

Derek took third place in my tournament. I finished in 18th place.

I saw both poker announcers for ESPN. I have been around the WSOP for my fourth year, yet they don't even know my name and snub me every time I walk by.

Nicky almost got into a car accident on our way to In & Out Burger.

I ate cheeseburgers for dinner two days in a row. I also ate Capriatti's deli sandwiches for lunch two days in a row.

I have not had a single slice of bacon since the WSOP began.

I have only consumed three beers since the WSOP began.

I overheard two dealers talking in their smoking area... "Oh my God! I cant believe you fucked your girlfriends mother!"

My rental car was peppered with escort ads that were the size of business cards. One bragged that they will send the hottest babes direct to your hotel room! Wow...

I watched the Yankees win in extra inning against the Twinkies.

I saw some dude get hauled off by hotel security.

I spotted a hooker trying to pick up three frat boys in front on the craps tables.

The latest issue of Bluff magazine came out which featured my latest column which happened to get a lot of positive feedback.

By the way, here's the view from the press box...

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