Sunday, June 22, 2008


By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Lay-zee? Sounds like Jay-Z's cousin who just got out of the joint.

Even on my days off, I'm always working on something. There's always a site to update, a blog post to write, a freelance article to work on, or something creative to tackle. It's truly hard to unplug.

Someone asked me what were my three keys to success. Here they are...
1. Work hard.
2. Write well.
3. Don't piss people off.
#3 is specifically targeted to those folks who sign your check or will potentially sign your checks in the future. That's the hardest part of any business... playing ball... or playing hardball in some cases. The bottom line is that I got to where I am because of those three traits. You can get away with only doing two out of the three, but if you have just one... you are doomed.

That's why I see a lot of people fail because they just don't get it. I know a slew of people who have marginal talent, but are hard workers and very likable. That's why they are where they are today. Sure, if you work hard and have tons of talent, you might be able to get away with being an asshole.

However, if you are a lazy dick who can't write (or insert any other job function)... then you will obviously not get very far.

I wish I could be lazy. Right now. Give up and quit. Stay here in Scheckytown and smoke up a ton and lounge out by the pool and watch sports all day and fuck around and play poker instead of going to work.

But I'm not like that. I have a job to do. It's an assignment. And my assignment is to cover the WSOP and write up the best possible stories that I can find. That's been my mission statement since Day 1 this year. Some days I exceed my expectations. Most of the time I fall short and on my face.

In writing, it's about what have you done for me lately, and not what you did in the past. It seems like everyday, the pressure is on and I'm trying to top the previous day of work.

Yeah, I could take a day or two off, but I'll wait to all of this is over in mid-July.

For now, it's time to suck it up... lather myself in BenGay, pop a few painkillers, and head down to the Rio for work.

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