Thursday, June 12, 2008

Losing Top Chef

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I had a bet with Mean Gene over the final of Top Chef. He's totally in love with Stephanie so he picked her I went with Richard. He's a true artist and a food visionary. I probably wouldn't eat 90% of what he cooked, but I can appreciate his methods, his style, and his panache. But... that bacon flavored ice cream is something I'd loooooove to try.

So my guy lost. He admitted that he choked on the final episode. MeanGene's girl won and it was a historic moment because a chick never won Top Chef before. The first three were all guys.

I forgot about Kilroy's. It's a burger joint a few blocks from Scheckytown. Friedman first took me there when he lived in the area a couple of summers ago. They are known for their burgers and rightly so. I wrote an article for Las Vegas Vegas a little time back called Top 5 Burgers in Las Vegas. Kilroy's made the list.

Nicky and I both went with the Chipolte Bacon Cheeseburger. Yummo. Kilroy's is a total dive and they give you a min-pitcher of your beverage so they don't have to hustle giving you refills. Smart move. Due to the tomatoes birdflu/ebola scare, the burgers were sans tomatoes.

Yesterday was a new record on Tao of Poker... most visitors in 2008 and most trafficked day since the 2006 Main Event. My posted titled A Day in the Life of Phil Ivey was generously linked up on two major Wall Street blogs... and Wall Street Fighter. Sweet score.

I forgot that I'm going to see Stone Temple Pilots on Saturday. They are playing a two-night show at the Pearl. I have never seen them perform live before. I wonder what they'll be like? Hear lots of rumors that the band ain't doing so hot. Wonder of Scott Wieland will have a meltdown on stage during the middle of Plush?

I'm 6-1 betting on soccer and have yet to play a hand of live poker. The Lakers game is on tonight. I'm tempted to bet them, but I think they'll win but not cover. It's gonna be close.

I finished two deadlines for the week. With Truckin' out of the way, I have a couple of weeks of breathing room... until the start of July when it's crunch time. That's when we'll really see if I can handle the pressure. So far so good...

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