Friday, June 06, 2008


By Pauly
Las Vegas. NV

I slept for over six hours last night.

I know. I know. That happens only once a month if I'm lucky. After a 100+ work week of work in Las Vegas, I was pretty damn tired. I also popped a Xannie which helped keep me asleep. I could have slept more. Nicky woke me up which never happens. She said that it was 1:20pm. I thought she was lying. I would have bought 11:20, but man, I was shocked when I checked my phone and it indeed said it was 1:20pm.

I can only do that once every two weeks, maybe once every ten days. I'm afraid that I'll become too reliant upon Xannies to sleep and then I'll have to pop a fistful just to take a nap.

I wish I could get six hours of sleep every night. I ave been getting about three or so this past week, which is definitely more than last year. However, my commute is an extra 40+ minutes per day so a portion of my extra sleep gets wasted in the commute.

My eating habits are awful. I eat at odd times. Sometimes my first meal doesn't come until later afternoon. I'm eating dinner at 10pm even as late as Midnight. I ate crappy Pizza Hut pan pizzas three times. They cost $6.50 and aren't as filling as a regular NYC slice. The way things work - food is consumed when I can and I'll eat what is available. The lettuce in some of the salads look bunk and it's hard enough for me eat healthy looking greens let along yellow versions.

I have been crashing around 6am. That's been my cutoff. I always try to crash before then (with last night as the only exception). There were a couple of day when I crashed early but I was up by 6am. Regardless, I'm usually the only one roaming around Scheckytown at that hour.

I finally watched the recent episode of Top Chef. They went down to Puerto Rico. I have been to San Juan in almost fifteen years. Wow, so Richard cooked up ribs with malt liquor and dazzled the judges. I'm a little bummed that Antonia lost to the dyke... who Mean Gene described as a cockroach who won't die. It's down to the final three and I'm still hooked on the show.

Anyway, I have been writing a ton of content on Tao of Poker, in addition to LasVegasVegas and a couple of articles at Poker News.

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Nicky has been posting about her Las Vegas experiences over at Pot Committed.

Stay tuned for links to a new project called Tao of Pokerati....

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