Monday, June 16, 2008

Tilting on a Monday Afternoon

By Pauly
Las Vegas. NV

I woke up early and read the draft of an article I had been working on. I started it on Friday and shelved it all weekend. I started it up again last night and hated that version. When I woke up, I opened up a blank word doc and started from scratch. 15 minutes later I had the version that I submitted. My best work flows right out of me. It's when I have to dig deep and force the words to come out that it ends up mush. Although it wasn't the best material I spewed out this summer, the 15-minute draft was substantially better than the original draft.

I watched the 18-hole playoff between Tiger and Rocco Mediate.Someone bet me before the event began that Tiger would win. I had the entire field and gave him Tiger at 3-1. I'm not shocked that Tiger won with a bum knee after all, he's Tiiger Woods, the Phil Ivey of golf.

I drove to work and when I got there, I was already on tilt when I discovered that I could not find my power cord and adapter to my laptop. What the fuck? I freaked out and sped home... which is about 25 minutes at that time of day. JenLeo was around keeping an eye on the cleaning ladies who arrived to work on the house. I searched my desk and could not find anything. I'm sure it will turn up in the freezer or something like that.

I drove back to the Rio for the second time. More traffic. Retarded drivers. I wasted two hours and had not written anything. I decided to head to an electronic store and buy a universal adapter. When I parked, I spotted two Las Vegas metro squad cars with flashing lights in front of the store. They were handcuffing two perps and tossing in the back of their car. Shoplifting? Bad checks? Stolen credit cards? Could be all three in Las Vegas.

I found what I needed except that when I tried it out on my laptop... it didn't work. Fuck me. More tilt. Lucky for me Nicky had a similar laptop and loaned me her plug. Schecky also said he has an extra back at Scheckytown. I ordered a new one, and with my luck, I'll find my old one in the most random place.

Fortunate for me, a couple of friends who read my blog saw that I was having issues and offered to help.

Anyway, back to the grind. I had a lengthy delay, and some serious tech headaches, and I'm finally ready to write.

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