Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unlucky 13?

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Today is Day 13 of the World Series of Poker. I've been at the Rio for the thirteenth straight day. My longest stint was close to 18 hours and the shortest was a shade under six hours. But even on the short days, I'm spending several hours at home writing.

The pool at Scheckytown broke. Sort of. The pump went out of whack. The pool guy stopped by yesterday to fix that and a few other minor issues. We now have the waterfall back. That's a very soothing sound to hear in the background when I'm writing late at nights.

The weather has been weird. In previous years, Las Vegas is hot and it gets hotter. During my first summer in Las Vegas, a record was set for most 110+ temperature days in a row and a record for most 100+ days in a row.

So far in 2008, we've had rain a couple of times and plenty of crazy wind storms. There were actually a few chilly days (under 85 degrees). Hey, I'm not complaining. I like it that way. Nothing is worse than having to climb into your car first thing in the morning after it's been roasting in the scorching Nevada sun for several hours. You can't leave anything in the car or it will cook. That includes pens, bottles of water, iPods, and definitely bags of herb.

Last night for dinner, I went to Red Rock Casino with Nicky. We ate at the Grand Cafe. I got an appetizer and dessert; chocolate mousse and a side order onion rings. It was a weird combo.

Nicky got a quesadilla... and they served it without salsa. When she asked for some, the waitress told her that they were not serving anything with tomatoes. Supposedly there's a Salmonella outbreak in 17 states due to bad tomatoes, so all of the casinos in Vegas freaked out and pulled them from their eateries... even though they primarily use California grown tomatoes which was not on the watch list.

I stayed up late finishing off a magazine article. When I was done, I played online poker. Out of 1148 players, I finished in the top 50 which got me a seat to a tournament on Saturday which will be giving away three seats the WSOP main event. Of course, I got lucky but played well. I dunno if I can continue that on Saturday. Time will tell.

I have not played a live hand of poker since the WSOP began. I played online a couple of times, but I really don't have a desire to gamble. My only jones has been sports betting. I'm 5-1 betting on the European Championships. Portugal won today. Weeeee.

Nick has her fourth day off so far at the WSOP. She had one all of last year. We're both better rested than last year. Hard to imagine that we were slaving away for those insane hours.

I bumped into a guy who is an avid reader of Tao of Poker. We regularly play online poker together. He has won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly a couple of months ago. We met for the first time in person yesterday. I had no idea, but he was an actor from Hollyweird named Tom McGowan. He's most known for playing the station manager on Fraser. Good guy. Too bad he didn't go deep in yesterday's tournament.

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