Monday, June 23, 2008

Watson 368

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

2:11am. Sunday night evaporated and turned into Monday morning. I'm the only person left in the press box. I'm waiting for Nicky to finish up her assignment so we can go back to Scheckytown. Ever since I wrecked the rental car, she has been my designated driver which I definitely need since I've been hopped on painkillers since Friday evening.

Part of me doesn't want to get a new rental car. I'm a little skiddish to get behind the wheel, which is not out of the ordinary for someone who just got into an accident. I also want to wait a couple of days and let the pain subside. I really don't want to drive while jacked up. I noticed that the pharmies so a weird thing - which is that after the initial onslaught of warm fuzzies, I start to sober up but get hit with mini-waves of fuckedupness. That means I can't predict when I'll get loopy. That's definitely no condition to drive in.

I had been very good about curtailing my drinking this summer mainly because I knew I had to drive 20-25 minutes each way everyday. Over the last three summers, I found myself binge drinking on dinner breaks and get shitfaced as soon as my shift ended. This year has been different. I sort of feel better healthwise by drinking less.

I have been listening to a lot of Neil Young over the last couple of days. There's something about his voice that triggers random emotions inside of me. The rest of the time, I have been listening to My Morning Jacket's performance at Bonnaroo including a couple of James Brown covers.

On Friday, JenLeo, Schecky, Nicky and I ate at OHOP. We've been going a lot and the waitstaff is hit or miss. The good ones rock and the shitty ones are horrible. We got one slow chick on Friday. She forgot Schecky's eggs and that tilted Jen Leo. I had finished my entire short-stack of chocolate chip pancakes before Schecky got his eggs and hasbrowns. I was starving and super baked and had the munchies so I wolfed it down. But, yeah, it sucked that we got the shitty waitress.

We went back on Sunday and got a cool waitress. Nicky said she admired that the young girl was hustling for tips at OHOP instead of working the pole. I didn't think she was good-looking enough to be a stripper but she was friendly and fast. She sort of grumbled when she saw two families sit down at adjacent tables in her section. Either she knew them from previous visits or knew the type of customers that she'd have to serve. I glanced over and figured she'd end up getting stiffed. I gave her an $8 tip on a $30 meal.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to CineVegas the local indie film festival. They had a special one-time showing of a documentary on Hunter S. Thompson called Gonzo. I went with JenLeo, Michalski, and Benjo. The flick was about two hours long and covered the life of Hunter from his first book about the Hell's Angels up to his suicide in 2005. Plenty of great scenes. Too many to mention. It's a must see for sure.

I was super wasted for the flick and popped an extra painkiller before it started in honor of Hunter. The first 90 minutes was awesome until a woman behind us ruined the last half hour. She was wasted and talking loudly and acting like a five year old. JenLeo had to shush her. I would have screamed at her if I wasn't so faded.

I forgot how Vicodin makes me itchy in random places. Like my forearms and stomach.

I fucked around for the first couple of hours on Sunday and watched soccer. I have been betting heavily on the European Championships. I was in the middle of a solid streak until I lost two in a row. Spain's victory over Italy got me unstuck for the weekend. I'll win the most money if Germany wins. I'll win a small amount if Spain wins it all. Obviously, I'm rooting for the Germans.

I have been in Las Vegas for 26 days before I had to use the cash machine. Seriously. I'm shocked that I went that long, but it's because I had been using my NBA and soccer winnings as spending money. Lucky me. I was under budget before the accident. I'm pretty sure I have to fork over $500 for the deductible plus the citation that I go. Yeah, Las Vegas Metro slapped me with a ticket for "following too closely" which totally blows. I have to go to court the day I'm supposed to leave Vegas and go to Denver.

Anyway, it's now 2:25am. Nicky is still working and I'm gonna stop this post and get back to writing about poker.

24 more days until I get my life back.

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