Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Cry for Me....

By Pauly
Mar del Plata, Argentina

Some things never change.

First day of work for an assignment and I'm slightly hungover. Quilmes is the local brew and we became well acquainted over the course of an evening which included a welcome party and then a booze-fest at the bar in our hotel lobby as really bad 1990s music blasted through the sound system.

There was a mixup with media credentials. My six person team? No one of them had a press pass waiting for them. When I made attempts to clear this up, I was blown off a couple of times. The person in charge actually asked, "What is Poker News? Is it an online site?"

And to complicate matters, the video guy and our on air talent are without luggage. The wizards at Delta lost their stuff. So now our film crew is without camera and video equipment. Delta said it would arrive at 2pm local time. I'm betting against that. They are heading out shopping this morning to pick up clothes and as much equipment as they can find.

On a good note, Otis and MeanGene arrived safely. And my buddy Rey from Costa Rica found me someone who can translate Lost Vegas into Spanish.

Awesome start. Par for the course. Good times. Bad times. You know I've had my share...

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