Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Things I Did... Wednesday

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I woke up early and wrote and wrote while Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers was blasting and I was irked because my early morning writing session wasn't up to snuff.

I ate breakfast at the diner.... chocolate chip pancakes. I sat near the front window and I watched a couple of security guards across the street at the bank harass a homeless guy. The bank name? Bank of America.

I came in 111th place in a tournament with 131 players for a media tournament on Poker Stars. A couple of my friends were at my starting table.

I watched a documentary about Philip K. Dick. Druggie? Schizo? Who knows what his deal was but Dick managed to write some of the most amazing science fiction stories throughout his career.

I made a shake using Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie with strawberries. Wow, better than expected.

I brewed a batch of organic chai iced tea. I didn't like it as much as Earl Grey.

I edited and re-edited one article four times before I decided to re-write it and start from scratch.

I'm addicted to a new site... The People of Walmart.

I watched Top Chef with Nicky. The new season is in Las Vegas, which is kinda weird and troublesome for me because sometimes I get flashbacks of my time there.

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