Saturday, February 20, 2010

Morning Puddle

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Something clicked off. That's never good. I'm always trying to re-click stuff on, so when I'm turning something off I always get a little worried. I cannot explain why, but I shelved my new writing project. Well, that's not true. I can explain why. I'm just copping out and not stating the specifics publicly. After the plane crash in Austin, I realized that anything on the intertubes that I write ... "can and will be used against me" in the MSM. It's very easy to get dismissed as a a paranoid, depressed, drug addict. Because after all, that sums up the vast majority of humanity.

Anyway, I'm sounding way too dour with no reason to. Let's look on the bright side of things... I set aside the new project because I had too much stuff to do with Lost Vegas... specifically fixing the corrections that my editors (the German Butcher and Dr. K) and the many mistakes that Benjo noticed. I have more work to do than I realized, which meant that it was foolish for me to jump to a new project before the old one is complete.

So yeah, Lost Vegas was the primary focus this week. On the creative and collaborative front, Nicky and I recorded a couple of low-production podcasts to help promote Lost Vegas. Lots of fun and we already got back some positive feedback on the Lost Vegas Podcasts.

I spent only a small amount of time writing in an attempt to crank out short stories for future issues of Truckin'. I also needed to stockpile stories for this summer because I know I won't have any free time to write fiction in the upcoming months. I'm almost done editing the March issue (featuring a Brit, Norwegian, and a Texan) and I did a bit of advance work on the April issue (with contributions from a Canuck, Aussie, and Norwegian). May is wide open along with the summer issues. Wink, wink! The well of submissions is running dry.

Next week is my first "official" work assignment in a very long time. Early November was the last time I had to gut it out in a press box or media area. I've been confined to my home office since then and grew quite comfortable with that working space. But I return to the grind next week for a South American assignment. I assumed that Olympic coverage in Uruguay would be sparse. Plus, even if I was able to get coverage, I wouldn't have the time to watch it. With that in mind, I made an effort to watch a shitload during the week. I try to avoid the prime time commercial fest, but the afternoon coverage on USA and MSNBC is slightly more edible. I just turn off the sound, listen to music, and rip tubes.

Snowboarding. Curling. Hockey.

That's all I care about. When I got introduced to curling 12 years ago, my Canadian friends told me that it was an "old ladies game." That might be true on the local amateur circuit, but some of the female Olympic curlers are kinda hot. I found myself fascinated with the Danish girls. They wore skirts. Reminded me of goth chicks who were were into heavy bondage and S&M.

The Olympics are a welcomed distraction. Yeah, the politics behind them suck, but I'm a sucker for sporting contests. Well, I should say, that I'm a gambling addict who cannot help but wager on the outcome of meaningless contests. Thereby the meaningless becomes the meaningful. I'm loyal to the philosophies of the founding fathers of America, but not much of flag waver these days, but I crack a smile every time an American steps up to the podium. Medals mean dollars. Shit, I'll bet on anything.

And then later in the week, Nicky and I had a rare out-of-town visitor. Michalski came to visit and we let him crash in my office. He needed a place to stay for a couple of nights while he visited LA for a bunch of meetings. He drove from Vegas and arrived close to 2am one night. For two nights in a row, we had long late night discussions. We also had a couple of meals/meetings/brainstorming sessions.

So much has happened to both of us professionally in the last year (along with fluctuating political and financial climates), that we find ourselves in completely different situations from a year ago. Our outlooks for the rest of 2010 are much different than last year. Suffice to say, priorities change. Ideals shift. I'm glad that we're on both on the same page -- life matters more than work at this point.

Yep. Life is short. The good times? They're right now. Enjoy every second of it.

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