Sunday, June 06, 2010

June Truckin' - Vol. 9, Issue 6

By Pauly
Las Vegas,NV

Happy birthday to Truckin'!

Truckin' - Vol. 9, Issue 6

1. Inertia Junction by Paul McGuire
She told me that she was on a year-long holiday after her mother died from a serious illness. She had a sorrowful smile. Her friend looked like your pissed-off lesbian cousin. Short spikey hair. Only one ear pierced. Constant scowl... More

2. One Guy, One Cup by Brad Willis
I clutched my specimen in my hand. A pretty blonde woman with a little girl stood beside me. They cooed at each other, and I was sure they knew I was holding. The elevator dinged and donged, but didn’t arrive before a pregnant nurse sidled up beside me. She knew. I knew she knew. It was like that scene in Reservoir Dogs with the doper walking into a bathroom full of narcs. I nodded at the nurse and clutched the bag even tighter... More

3. The Sherman Incident by Sigge S. Amdal
Six years ago. That's when he first had it. The itch. He remember not taking notice, not paying attention, not even caring about it. But the itch had remained. And it grew worse... More

4. Chasing the Facts by May B. Yesno
I found a corpse no-one had bothered to bury. There was at least twenty-five people living there and the only building large enough to remotely qualify for ‘commercial’ status was a dairy milking shed... More

5. Rural Road #7 by Miles Harvey
He saw a warm house, a glowing kitchen and a moon-faced girl puttering about making dinner. She probably didn’t even notice the sleet that was coating his car’s windshield in vanilla pudding... More

6. 152 Peaches by Paul McGuire
His savvy talents were no match
For his jealous wife’s twin brother.
Who longed to tell knock-knock jokes
In French, while wearing a
Kiwi colored tu-tu... More
The special birthday issue features some of your favorite writers including Brad Willis, Sigge S. Amdal, May B. Yesno, and two from yours truly.


  1. Ten Mile7:02 PM

    Indeed, Happy Birthday. And many more.

  2. Sigg3.net3:40 AM

    Happy birthday TZ!
    I'll wrap up at least one (1) story for you this summer soon! Better late than never.. :P