Sunday, July 18, 2010


By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

My assignment ended at 5:41am during an 18-hour work day.

Well, not technically. I'm still at work and probably will be up until noon writing my last dispatches for a full 24-hour work day and then I can crawl into bed with Nicky knowing that when I wake up, I will no longer have to return to the Rio Casino and go to work. After 52 days of the World Series of Poker... this portion is over.

And man, I got my ass kicked this summer. I will write more in depth about this drama later on when I get back to LA and allow myself to unwind. But for now, I was faltering a week or so ago, but super pumped that I finished strong. I gotta say that the Phish shows in the South inspired me at a time when I wasn't finding any passion in my job as a poker writer. At least the music got me fired up to write to my best ability while having fun and being in the moment. The times that I fucked up the most or had the most problems is when I allowed silly drama to get a hold of me and that sucked out all of my energy.

That's all over now. Thank God.

After cranking out thousands and thousands of words over the last two months on Tao of Poker, I look forward to returning to this space and writing everyday again.

I missed this place. I can't wait to return full time.


  1. Another great job done by both you and Nicky. I don't think I could handle that grind, especially the last day.  Good to have you back at this site.

  2. Sidney Lane1:07 PM

    Thanks again for another great year of writing Pauly. You're the best !

  3. AgSweep8:41 PM

    I totally understand having to what must be done for $$'s, but selfishly I miss all you guys (you, change, otis, gene, Al...etc) writing on your blogs, that's the writing I enjoy the most. Welcome back.