Thursday, September 09, 2010

Misc Miss

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

5:16am. I have no idea what the hell is going to come out right now. I'm loopy due to sleep deprivation and weary eyeballs after staring at multiple laptops on and off for the last 17 plus hours. I'm in the tweaner phase when that little guy inside my head that filters things takes off for a few hours. That's never good because he controls the filter that keeps incendiary thoughts inside my head instead of being blurted out loud -- which will only confuse, frighten, anger, or irritate whoever is in ear shot. Well, blurting out those randy thoughts is probably much safer than writing them down for publication on the web.

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm possessed when I get this tired. Like the song goes, "There's someone in my head, but it's not me."

Which is why I have to be careful what I say before I hit publish. But then again, ant writing is inherently good in the long run. Who knows how many people really visit this corner of the interwebs? I have a theory that those counter devices are wrong and can be easily manipulated, sort of like the voting process.

I haven't worked in almost seven weeks and that's the kind of stuff that pisses off my friends. I should clarify that I have not worked for anyone else in seven weeks. I work for myself which is a 24/7 gig and I'm always putting in a couple of hours one way or another even if I'm on vacation or in between assignments... emails, phone calls, updating the websites, cultivating new business projects, reading, taking notes for the novel, writing outlines for future freelance articles... all of that transpired the last few weeks even though I was technically off the clock.

On Monday, when most Americans had the day off for Labor Day, I began a new freelance project -- a writing assignment spread out over three weeks. I have to write ten pieces and luckily my client that hired hooked me up with Sundays and Mondays off during the football season so I could concentrate and enjoy game days without worrying about covering a poker tournament.

Nicky is working the same project, along with a few other friends. That means our schedules will be completely out of whack. The hardest thing is trying to take something that is often bland and make it seem exciting. At the same time, fatigue, both mental and physical, are the toughest obstacles to overcome. I got lucky the first two days and was done by Midnight both night. Last night? Not so much. I was up until past 4am editing. The trick is to be at your best mentally at the end of the night in order to catch any mistakes -- but sometimes the body doesn't always cooperate. My biggest liability is my sloppy copy. I can get away with that looseness here, but my client is expecting a professional job.

I'm in that weird phase again when I'm up for a day, then sleep two hours, get up for eight, sleep two more hours, stay up for 16 hours, sleep two hours, and then stay up for a day before crashing for six. That just kills the body. But that's the small price to pay for an unconventional work schedule.

Meals are a bitch when I'm in this state of flux. Sometimes you just skip one by accident because of lack of time. Like right now... it's almost 5:30 and I'm starving. I should go grab a bite to eat at the coffeeshop, but I'm too tired and will try to crash for a few hours and then go eat. But something always happens and I get sidetracked and the next thing you know, it's lunch time and I'm still behind in things and I postpone my first meal of the day until dinner, and after I chow down, I wonder if it's really been 24 hours since I consumed a proper meal. All I know is that I ate at the diner at 2:30 on Wednesday and I ate 1/3 of a Chipotle burrito sometime around Midnight. That counts as two meals in a day, right?

I know it's late when the crickets stop chirping and the birds start singing because the first inlking of light is trying to break out. Next up are the sounds of the alley -- dogs barking, homesless people sorting through recycling bins, and the garabge trucks rumbling through the streets.

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