Friday, July 08, 2011

More Time in Hell -- Days 20 Onward

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

My friend Tim sent me a message saying how he can't wait until I'm done covering the WSOP so I can get back to writing on Tao of Pauly. It's his favorite blog of mine and I know exactly what he's talking about. I miss this space too. Two more weeks and I shall return.

In the meantime, here's an index of what I've written on Tao of Poker since Day 20 of the WSOP...
Day 20: The Egregious Case of the $9 Pizza and Stein Shines
Day 21: A Day in the Life; Hellmuth Denied 12th Bracelet (Again)
Day 22: Slowdown, Rocky Mountain High, and Chau Giang Confirmed Alien
Day 23: Timex Flashback, Jason Mercier Wins PLO Bracelet, and More Sordid Tales About Chasing the Dragon
Day 24: Dwan Song, Revelry, and Hooligans
Day 25: Rubber Soul, Electric Daisies, and Two-Tabling Pai Gow
Day 26: The Sickness
Day 27: Shaking Down Ravers; November Niner Snags Bracelet
Day 28: The Glass Onion; Lamb Leads POY
Day 29: Carnival at the Mothership; Akkari Wins Bracelet
Day 30: OFF
Day 31: OFF
Day 32: OFF
Day 33: OFF
Day 34: Happy Birthday, America
Day 35: Catching Up; List of 2011 WSOP Bracelet Winners
Day 36: Don't Stop Believin'
Day 37: Another Runner-Up Finish for Hellmuth; Whiffs on Three Flush Draws to Lose Bracelet#12
Prelude to the Killing Fields
Day 38 - Main Event Day 1A: Dolly's Abyss

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