Saturday, October 01, 2011

What I'm Watching... 10/1/11 Version

By Pauly
San Francisco, CA

Yesterday was Trey's birthday. As you know, I'm more than a fan and consider him an idol. My goal is to write 10% as good as Trey plays guitar. Anyway, I posted a great interview with Matt Pinfield and Trey in 2005.

I saw Contagion last week at a tiny theatre in my neighborhood. It was the last day they were showing it before they switched films in favor of Moneyball. Contagion was better than some friends said, and I enjoyed it, but I actually hoped for something with a bit more spice from director Steven Soderberg. I really dug his last film with porn star Sasha Grey The Girlfriend Experience, but I didn't know how he would handle a germ-thriller like Contagion that featured a some-what all-star cast -- Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the dude who played Morpheus. At least Gwyneth dies in the first act of the film and she's patient zero as doctors try to figure out what the fuck happened. I dunno if I can watch Matt Damon actually act anymore (even the Ocean's 11 franchise) because of the impact that the Bourne Identity franchise has had on me. Bourne really ruined any future film I see Matt Damon in. I mean, if there ain't a car crash or he's not beating the shit out of a CIA assassin using close quarters Brazilian street fighting techniques, I doubt I can watch it. But, I gotta say, I got sucked into Green Zone, which essentially was the Bourne Identity in Iraq.

Speaking of that huge elephant in the room called the Iraq War, I checked out a documentary called No End in Sight, directed by Charles Ferguson, or the same guy who did Inside Job. Fergsuon's film about the financial crisis of 2008 won an Oscar earlier this year for best documentary film. I had no idea he also directed No End in Sight, so I checked it out. His film sheds light on the behind the scenes internal fuck ups after the fall of Baghdad in 2003. Here's a better explanation: "No End in Sight examines the manner in which the principal errors of U.S. policy – the use of insufficient troop levels, allowing the looting of Baghdad, the purging of professionals from the Iraqi government, and the disbanding of the Iraqi military – largely created the insurgency and chaos that engulf Iraq today."

And speaking of the financial crisis of 2008, I recently posted something Tao of Fear about the greed in the housing market that caused collapse and ensuing catastrophe in the financial markets. The four part documentary titled Meltdown pinpointed the root of the global financial meltdown that occurred three years ago. Check out Meltdown Part 1: The Men Who Crashed the World and Meltdown Part 2: A Global Financial Tsunami.

And speaking of Wall Street corruption, there's been a lot of momentum ongoing with the Occupy Wall Street protests. We've even have a live stream of the revolution running on Tao of Fear. Just today, Anonymous posted a haunting video stating that The Bankers Are the Problem. Meanwhile, philosopher and radio host Stefan Molyneux thinks the protesters need to educate themselves much more before they start the revolution.

And you know another cheap segue is coming... speaking of Tao of Fear, I recently watched a documentary about pharmaceutical companies called Big Bucks Big Pharma. It's a couple of years old, but worth a viewing.

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