Sunday, November 04, 2012

Everyday Ocelot

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

 Kat mentioned she decided to write an old-school blog post every day in the month of November. She inspired me to do the same. Except... it will not be here... rather at a nifty corner of the web called Ocelot Sports.

Sports. Nonstop. For a full month. I'm writing about the games I sweat on the boob tube, on Nicky's iPad, and via my laptop. The games/events are across the spectrum... college football, NFL, NBA, college hoops, college hockey, and random women's college volleyball. If all goes well, I might continue the project indefinitely. Who knows, maybe I catch the blogging bug once again and feel compelled to  restart Tao of Poker or better yet... return to regularly scheduled programming here.

But why a new site? And why on Tumblr? Why not write here? Or how about Tao of Poker? That's more suited for gambling content, right? All five are damn good questions. I don't have answers. All I  have is a new URLs to add to my collection.

Visit Ocelot Sports for utter degeneracy. It also has Twitter feed: @OcelotSports.

Here's the irreversible damage I've accomplished thus far...
Halloween: Tricks, Treats, and Fear the Beard
Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines
Top Billing for the Clippers
The Howl of a Saturday Night Duck 
The Redskins Rule
Broke (30 for 30 - Full Documentary)
In just four or five days, I covered a slew of meaningless fodder like... the opening week of the NBA season, Lee Corso and bath salts, the weird rivalry between Bama/LSU that could determine the outcome of the Presidential election, oh, and how about actual betting on the Presidential Election? I squeezed that in Barry O, Mittens, Fear the Beard, not to mention trolling cokehead Lakers fans, fading the Charlotte Bobkittens, pulling the trigger on the largest bet I've ever made on college basketball, and suicidal James Taylor songs.

Check it out... Ocelot Sports.

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