Saturday, April 06, 2013

Around the Horn: Rockumentaries, Rise of the Machines, Final Four, and a New Ocelot Sports Podcast,

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

It was another weird, but busy week. Here is what went down on the Tao of Pauly...
Rocku-Bender - An immersion into music documentaries.

Distracting Red Blinking Lights - The 21st Century is a struggle of man vs. the machines. I'm trying to figure out a balance between staying on the cutting edge and not becoming a slave to the machine.

Clairvoyant -There's a film running inside your head at all times. Does it mirror reality? Or is a distorted view of events?

Turning on the Tap While Someone Watches - I was lucky to flesh out some internal stuff that was nagging me and spent a night binge-watching Mad Men with my girlfriend.

Blood Rock Oil - I snapped out of a bit of self-loathing after reading a story about oil workers risking their life in the Bakken fields.

Meanwhile, over at Ocelot Sports...
Pitino's Pen, Zebra Power, and Syracuse's No-Fly Zone - I wrote a preview of the Final Four games.

Ocelot Sports Podcast, Episode 1 - I also recorded the first-ever episode of Ocelot Sports podcast with Shamus. We talked about the 1993 Championship game between UNC and Michigan (the infamous Chris Webber time out game).

This week's writing music included...
Blue Train by John Coltrane
Tenor Madness by Sonny Rollins (with John Coltrane)
Search for a New Land by Lee Morgan
Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

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