Sunday, August 11, 2013

Around the Horn: Podcasts and Pic Dumps from the Road and a Bunch of Schwilly Reviews

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I was in one of those "live now, write later" phases. Sporadic output during that time, but managed to record 11-mini episodes of the Wook Patrol podcast (total run time is 50 minutes). After seven months of minimal partying and nonstop writing, I let loose for a month. As is, I'm slowing re-adjusting to everyday writing again.

I wrote random reviews of Phish shows for Coventry Music. During that time on tour, I survived a monsoon on Chicago and saw a ghost in Tahoe. Plenty of other hijinks along the way...
Chicago Night 1: Phishnado Cancels Set 2
Chicago Night 2: Three Set Saturday
Chicago Night 3: Chicago Monsoon
The Gorge: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Lake Tahoe: The Joker Returns
San Francisco: Bill Graham's Fireball
Los Angeles: The Hollywook Bowl
While on the road for three plus weeks, I snapped a few photos along the way...
San Francisco Pic Dump
Lake Tahoe Pic Dump
Gorge Pic Dump
Seattle Pic Dump
I'm way behind in sportswriting (including my column on the Yankees for Ocelot Sports), but I needed to take a vacation after a long stint deep in the sportsbetting trenches that started last August with the NFL, continued in the winter with NBA, and of course March Madness in the spring, and the NBA playoffs went all the way into June. It was an exhausting run but I got some rest and ready to tackle on another NFL season.

But great news... I updated Tao of Bacon. Get your bacon fix.

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