Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Musings from the Hollywood Bowl and Back Home to Patch My Bones

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I've been to the Hollywood Bowl twice this year. I took Nicky to see Bob Dylan in the Spring and Phish ended their west coast tour with a stopover at the Bowl on Monday night. I wrote a review of the show for Coventry Music. Check out Hollywook Bowl. I also recorded three Bowl-related podcasts with the gang. Check out Episodes 9-10-11 of the Wook Patrol podcast.

I've been on multiple Phish tours over the last 15 years, but nothing is better than having the last show in the same city you live because you're super exhausted when the party stops and all you want to do is sleep for three straight days and detox. I took off three weeks ago and flew to Chicago and have been on the move ever since as the tour went West. My trip looked something like this...

LA > Chicago > San Francisco > Mt. Shasta > Portland > Seattle > The Gorge > Methford, OR > Lake Tahoe > San Francisco > LA

I lucked out with the tour ending in Los Angeles. I'm in the middle of the decompression part of leaving the psychedelic circus to re-enter normal life. The adjustment period is always weird and slightly depressing, but at least I don't have to travel an arduous distance to get home like I had to do the last few summers. Of course, the worst place to return to after Phish tour ended was Las Vegas. I highly do not recommend spending a significant time following around with happy hippies for a few weeks then doing a 180 by heading to Vegas. Those manipulative Vegas demons prey on your weaknesses, and I always return after Phish tour with my soul fully replenished, which made me an instant target for the Vegas vampires. I made the mistake in 2009, 2010, and 2011 by returning to Vegas right after a bunch of Phish shows. I finally figured out what that was not the best idea. I did it right the last two summers and devoted my entire attention to the band and music writing.

I went from writing/posting here on Tao every day for six or so months before I went on tour. I had mixed feeling about what I'd be doing with this space and other blogs (like Ocelot Sports and Tao of Fear) on tour, but in the end, I went with the flow. In this instance, I barely posted here while I focused on content for Coventry Music and taking the proper notes for the eventual Phish book. I guess I was in one of those moods when I felt like staying in the moment. Plus, Twitter is better suited for that type of micro-blogging on the run while constantly on the move for the last three weeks.

I expect to write about random stuff as my memory gets jogged over the next few days as I slowly unpack, and go through all of my camping gear, and other shit. I always have fun when I see Phish shows because I get to do those with different circles of friends depending upon the city/state. This summer was particularly special and I got to spend time with old friends that I never get to see anymore. I'm glad we all had the opportunity to use Phish as the launching point for mini-reunions.

Until then, you can read about some of the hijinks over at Coventry Music including multiple shows at the Gorge and Lake Tahoe.

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