Friday, April 11, 2014

Good Times: JJ's Black Jesus

Los Angeles, CA

I recently finished reading Jimmie Walker's autobiography Dyn-o-mite! Excellent book with tons of great stories of how Jimmie went from a skinny kid in the Bronx, to working stand-up opening up for Black Pather rallies, to moving out to Los Angeles when he got his own sitcom and hiring an unknown dorky kid from Indiana to help him write jokes. Yeah, that last person was David Letterman. Jimmie had some great dirt on Jay Leno too. General consensus from every comedian that worked in LA in the 70s/80s, is that Leno is a fucking jagoff. Walker goes into some of the sordid details. Now, that's what I want to read from a memoir!

Thank God for YouTube. I did a deep dive of Jimmie Walker stuff and came across a classic episode of Good Times, when JJ causes some controversy when he paints a black Jesus.

Man, this episode would NEVER get across the censors today.

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