Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Human Agency: Interview and New Album

Los Angeles, CA

My good friend Jonas has been playing drums with Human Agency. They were a duo out of Denver that played electronica music. Human Agency wanted to add a live drummer to their shows, which is how Jonas entered the picture. They have been hard at work on a new album -- The Indigo Hour -- which debuts on May 20th.

Jonas got me in touch with Seamus from Human Agency and I conducted a quick interview, which I posted it over at Coventry Music. Seamus had some great things to say about the direction of the band and the recent phenomena of a mega-star DJs which is essentially a "guy with a laptop" onstage.
"I understand much of the argument many people have with this very recent surge of solo DJs with a single laptop selling out stadiums - and how eye burningly uninspiring it might seem when performed, I really do. I get it. But through the lens of a band like Human Agency, having grown up playing instruments then merging that with digital production thereafter, we spend as much time, if not much more, on our craft and sound. I'm very proud of the talented people who contributed to this record and help perform it on stage. I believe - from start to end - it's melodic, beautiful and inspired." ... click here for more of the interview.
Check out this cool promo video for The Indigo Hour...

Human Agency gave away a free download of their single Grace. Snag it here. Or stream it right now...

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