Thursday, April 03, 2014

Inside Dope: Behind the Scenes of Ep. 010 [Ridin' Dirty]

Los Angeles, CA

I figured at some point we'd have to record an episode with one of us on the road. We were actually lucky that we were both in Los Angeles for the first 9 episodes (10 if you include Broke Stories). But this week, Shane was in Colorado after hitting the road for an impromptu roadtrip (Vegas > New Mexico > Colorado). I was stationed in Los Angeles at the Dope Stories studio with our producer Trent and Shane called into us via Skype. Man, Trent is so fucking skilled as a sound engineer that he cleaned up the audio very well.

Episode 10 focused on the American road and the freedom of being on the road. This episode was story-centric. So if you dig hearing our "dope stories" then this episode is right up your alley.

Shane told his infamous Amtrak story. I won't reveal too much. Listen to yourself. He originally told me this story at the Bellagio in Las Vegas like 6 years ago and it blew me away. That was also the same day I learned about Moth, because Shane framed that story as something he'd love to tell as his first Moth story. It's a doozy.

I told  a couple stories about being a foolish 20-something and trying to smuggle contraband. There's a good tale about mushrooms and using a Jedi mind trick on a security guard on the way to see Phish play Halloween show in Las Vegas (c. 1998). I also had an encounter with a drug dog team on a Kansas highway. Plus, I met Bill Murray while in the middle of a weed deal.

In this week's segment of Dope Media, we touched on a variety of things ranging to the new episode of High Maintenance, Gil Scott-Heron, Murder City book by Charles Bowden, the Tommy Chong documentary about going to prison for selling bongs, the doc film Mistaken for Strangers (directed by the brother of the lead singer of The National), and Shane's affinity for two films: Lost in America and Easy Rider.

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