Monday, April 14, 2014

RIP Michael Ruppert

Los Angeles, CA

Michael Ruppert passed away on Sunday night. Self-inflicted gunshot wound. Apparent suicide.

Although we started Tao of Fear years before we ever saw Collapse documentary, we were certainly influenced by Ruppert, an ex-cop turned investigative journalist. You might have seen him appear on the Joe Rogan Experience. But he was full-blown doom and gloom in Collapse. He really cut through all the bullshit and let you inside his world view, which includes peak oil and how we're living inside a ponzi scheme of a financial system. In short, we're on the brink of collapse. He's not someone who's fear mongering because the collapse is already underway. Just a matter of time before everyone else wakes up and see how fucked we really are.

Here's Ruppert in Collapse...

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  1. Just watched his most recent doc on Vice...

    Have to have positive vibe even during harsh times.