Monday, May 12, 2014

Writing Music: Jimmy Reed

Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy Reed.

I've been on a Jimmy Reed kick the last few days. I picked up Life by Keith Richards and there's one chapter when Keef speaks fondly of the legendary bluesman, which heavily influenced the initial incarnation of the Rolling Stones (circa late 1962 and early 1963). Started listening to a couple of songs... and now I can't stop.

Luckily, whenever I'm seeking out music I contact G-Money to see if he had any Jimmy Reed he could loan me. And as per usual, G-Money came through in the clutch with an album of greatest hits. I thought I was unfamiliar with Reed's material (with the except of Bright Lights, Big City), but soon discovered I knew a lot more of his material.

Here's something you might know...

And I can't seem to get a lick from Shame outta my head....

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