Saturday, May 25, 2002

Senor in Thailamd

Just read an e-mail from Senor, who is in Thailand. Here is an excerpt:

Dude, I was staying at this posh island resort, but I checked out this morning and checked into another resort that has ESPN... now I was able to watch game 3 live of the Sacramento/Lakers series, I'll be able to see games 3 and 4 of the nets/celtic series and as a bonus they are showing the fourth game of the red sox/yankees series... I get to sit on my ass watch TV and beyond my TV screen I overlook the beautiful beach... life is good!!!!!!! I stood up 2 thai chicks last night who wanted me to meet them out dancing... today three chicks that work at the hotel I checked out of asked me to go dancing with them tonight and then at my new hotel a waitress gave me her number and asked me to go dancing with her, LOL, I think ASIA agrees with me.... why can't this shit happen in NYC????? Anyway, hope all is well, see you in a week or so.... Senor:)

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