Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Your Favorite Truckin' Stories

Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting process! I will be submitting the winning story for future publication!

The Winner: Baby's Steak Knife and Winky's Salad (May 2003)

The Rest of the Top 5:
2. A Caged Bird Sings on the Subway (September 2002)
3. Tela & Cheese Sandwich (October 2002)
4. Nagoya (August 2002)
5. TIE: Shooting Pool (March 2003)
5. TIE: Baby, $2,000, and the Dork Brothers (April 2003)

Here's some of the feedback I got from everyone:

"I must confess, while in Asia although I wrote for Truckin, I never read a Truckin issue!!!!! I did not have access to a printer and I was never in the mood to pay for each moment of reading each story. It was exciting to be part of an e-zine, but really for me it was all about you asking me to write and so I did. Since being back in the states and having access to a printer I have managed to print out and read every Truckin issue!!! First of all i want to congratulate you. It boggles my mind how you can be so prolific and still remain so creative. Your ability to keep each story fresh and interesting has really blown me away. I love Truckin'!!!!! I love your stories, Jessica's stories seem so real, Phish reviews are nastolgic for me and told with such detail I feel as if I was at the show, Armando's works are hilaroius and its truly a very entertaining magaizine. Now I am far more than excited to have been part of this experience I am proud to have been a writer and now am thrilled to be a reader of Truckin!!!!!! Keep up the amazing work. This is truly something you should cherish and be immencely proud of. I love you and I am proud of you!!!!" - Senor

"The character names fit each one and your descriptions are outstanding... and being a loosely based character in any of your stories is an honor! The rest of your characters are so original with amazing depth that every one of them deserves their own Truckin' story at some point..." - Heather

"I base all my opinions on Americans through your stories. I think I must move there to experience your way of living. I might enjoy myself more if everyday is like your Truckin' stories; filled with tales of excessive drug usage, world wide jaunts, hookers all over the place, lavish trips to Las Vegas and gambling outrageous sums of money, hysterical women from all walks of life, and more drugs and partying..." - Edgar, Thunder Bay, Canada

"The Phish NYE story was special..." - Modeski

"Some of those stories are really poignant to me... Reading some of those tales give me peace. And some make me laugh! And some make me melancholy. But they ALL make me smile." - Jessica

"Flutterbys reminded me of having to take a shit. There seems to be some underlying meaning in that write up. Please re-read it and let me know what you think... I like your reviews (both the movies and concerts) but... I really liked the Nagoya one where someone was like... 'Senor doesn't look Mexican!' That was one of my favorite traveling story... I'm also a fan of the Subway Quotes... Keep up the e-zine. I like the variety of write ups including your Subway Stories and subway quotes. Your e-zine is awesome and really entertaining. You should definitely keep it up." - Derek

Here's a complete list of the stories that the readers voted on:

Subway Quotes (June 2002)
The Worst Subway Ride (July 2002)
Nagoya (August 2002)
A Caged Bird Sings on the Subway (September 2002)
The Cookie Junkie (September 2002)
Jake's Beer (October 2002)
Monday Morning, Montego Bay (October 2002)
Tela & Cheese Sandwich (October 2002)
Jack Tripper Stole My Dog (November 2002)... NaNoWriMo novel excerpt #1
Flutterbys (November 2002)
S.P.U.D. (November 2002)
December Subway Story: Part 1 (December 2002)
Phishy Proposal (December 2002)
Jack Tripper Stole My Dog (December 2002)... NaNoWriMo novel excerpt #2
Phish Reunion Concert: A NYE Review (January 2003)
Feb Subway Story: Fallen Angel (February 2003)
The Girl Next Door (February 2003)
Shooting Pool (March 2003)
The Girl Next Door: Episode 2 (March 2003)
Baby, $2,000, and the Dork Brothers (April 2003)
Vegas, Two Canadian Hockey Players, and a Kansas Blonde(April 2003)
Baby's Steak Knife and Winky's Salad (May 2003)

Written by Tenzin McGrupp © 2002, 2003

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