Friday, May 06, 2005

Pauly World Tour Hits the Midwest

Yes, the rumors are true. I'm taking the next few days off from blogging. I'm loading up the tour bus and hitting the road. Hide your daughters and lock up your stash, I might be coming to your hometown!
Dr. Pauly World Tour Confirmed Dates
Fri Mar 6 Indianapolis, IN
Sat Mar 7 Cincinnati, OH
Sun Mar 8 Cincinnati, OH
Tue May 10 Noble Poker
Wed May 11 Noble Poker
Sat May 14 Joshua Finklestien's Bar Mitzvah
Sat May 21 New York, NY (Townhouse)
Sat June 4 Las Vegas, NV (Aladdin Casino)
Mon June 6 thru Fri July 15 Las Vegas, NV (Rio Casino)
Mon July 25 Red Rocks, CO
Fri July 29 Los Angeles, CA
Tickets go onsale now. Get me while I'm hot. Even Amy Calistri thinks I'm cool. She called me "the John Irving of poker bloggers." Man, that's quite a compliment. Thanks for the shout out, Amy. And thanks to Gracie for mentioning my name in the same breath as Tony Pierce!

I'm busting out of New York Fuckin' City and I'm going to raise some hell in the heartland of Indiana. At some point on this trip, I'm gonna get uber-wasted and play cards with a bunch of your favorite bloggers, not to mention partake in a fun-packed double-header of events on Saturday including my first visit to the Reds' new ballpark in the afternoon followed up by a kick ass Trey Anastasio Band show on Saturday night.

In case you were wondering... I love a good graph. The traffic on the Tao of Poker (see above graph) has more than tripled since last June. Yes, I get more visitors in one week than most people do in a year! Those two dips each represent a different hiatus. Hiatus #1: I toured with Phish for a few weeks on their final tour and was way out of the loop in a groovy kinda way and Hiatus # 2: I stopped blogging in November to write a novel. My hits tailed off both times and picked back up in December. Yes, this past April was a record month for all of my sites. I'm elated, disturbed, and aroused to think about the traffic that will swarm this way after the World Series of Poker. Wow.

I mentioned to Iggy that I had been postponing a writing assignment for a few days. He quickly said, "Ah, blow it off!" He's right. I need a break from writing, man. I don't want to burn out before I get to Vegas. I wrote 16 articles in the last 5 weeks along several short stories and a letter to Penthouse Forum. I crave time in the real world away from the computer on the weirdness of being "that poker blogger."

With that said, I'm on hiatus for a few days. Go read my archives or blogzine. Heck, go read Al Cant Hang's Key West trip reports! I'm leaving for the airport in a few moments. Daddy is picking me up in Indiana a few hours from now. Later tonight I'm going to meet me some actual and authentic donkey fookers. This weekend is packed with excitement. I hope to meet up with Rants of a Young Mind and possibly UWannaBet. Of course, I shall pay homage to the Blogfather in his hometown and meet his good buddy GMoney.

Trip reports, hijinks, and mug shots to follow. I am the eggman. See you next week.

Editor's Note: You can read all about my last trip to Indiana here. That epic adventure spawned a Truckin' short story called Sundrenched.

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