Thursday, April 27, 2006


Inside of a twelve day span, I was in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City. Those might be four of the largest cities in America and New York City trumps them all. The transportation is astounding. The food is plentiful and delicious. And the women are simply smoking hot. Sure there are hot women in LA, but you never get to see them because everyone is driving in cars all the time.

I missed NYC food. My first two meals back home consisted of a bagel (everything with extra butter of course) and a pepperoni pizza and a half a chicken parmagania hero. Those were foods I missed over the last eight weeks. I can't wait to hit up the diner and get some decent Chinese food.

I got back into the city late last night. I waited forty minutes for my luggage to come out at JFK. Then another fifteen in the cab line. Luckily there was no traffic, but I had to pay a retarded amount of money for the cab.

I stopped by my mother's apartment to get all my mail. I had a couple of packages... a few items from poker related companies that want me to pimp their shit, other poker products or books. I also ordered a few philosophy books and something from Marshall McLuhan.

I sorted through a banker's box full of mail that included three bank statements, two Citibank credit card statements, Emory Quadrangle Alumni Magazine, Regis Senior's Night Dinner Invitation, Geico Insurance junk mail, one copy of All In Magazine, two issues of Poker Pro Magazine, two freelance checks, three checks from friends for the March Madness pool, Foxwoods casino promotional coupons, and a postcard that asked me if I wanted to see Vijay Benedict in concert (anyone know who he is and why I got on his mailing list?). I also got an invite to some band I never heard of playing two shows both in Hoboken, MacMall magazine, one issue of Forbes, Alaskan Airlines frequent flyer statement, Capital One "You've been approved for Platinum status!", credit card offer from Washington Mutual and Apple Bank, an invite to a shotgun wedding in June, Molly's graduation announcement, coupons from 1-800 Flowers, American Express statement, rejection from a publishing company via a form letter, my Ameritrade statement, J&R Music world catalogue, check from an ad company, and something from Verizon wireless. This is just a few of the things... I have so much more shit to go through.

Editor's note: I had to stop writing this post to take phonecalls from Molly and AlCantHang and that's really the reason I stopped listing the exciting contents of eight weeks of snail mail. I did a dial-a-freshie with Al and BigMike.

When I woke up today, I wrote a little for myself and on my poker blog. I still have the issue of Truckin' to complete which is late again. I'm seeking submissions for future issues if anyone is interested... shoot me an email.

Anyway, I was home finally after a lengthy road trip and slept a lot for the first time in over a week. Usually after a long trip, I need several days to catch up on sleep and get my mind pieced back together. But today I've felt pretty good energy wise. It will make the catch up work a lot easier. I usually have a ton of errands to run and people to see when I get back into town. With a reduced work schedule, I have more time for myself. I got to watch the Yankees game with Derek and caught up on episodes of the World Poker Tour and Entourage on TiVo. I had Derek record the pot dealer one with Val Kilmer and the Playboy Mansion one with Pauly Shore and Ralph Macchio. And after being at the Playboy Mansion, I can say that they really shot it on location.

Derek ran into a childhood friend in Barnes and Noble last week. This kid we used to basketball with in the schoolyard with is now a thirty-something year old NYC cop with a wife and two kids. He also plays poker too. He draws Yankee Stadium detail a few times a game too. Talk about a lucky assignment. Anyway, you rarely have a bump-into in LA and it's bound to happen at least once a day in NYC.

New Yorkers often begin conversation with, "Guess who I bumped into today?"

That's the best way to get gossip or news about other common friends.

"He cheated on his wife and knocked up her stepsister's sixteen year old daughter."

"She lost her job and got addicted to diet pills. She died of kidney failure last March in Havana."

"Jimmy O'Doul? Prison..."

"Ashley Fienstien? Totally gay... living on a farm in Oregon."

"Geez, I don't know what the hell happened to.... whatshisface? We just lost touch."

That's the way life is... a string of relationships that fade in and out of your present consciousness like background music in a movie. In a place like NYC, flashbacks (halcyon memories not true LSD induced mind melds) always flood my senses when I run into someone from my past. I can't talk about bump-into without mentioning running into Joaquin in front of Grand Central station. We were walking in opposite directions ready to meet friends for lunch. In a city of eight million people you always manage to see someone you know wandering around.

I love running into ex-girlfriends or flings who are with their current partner. Nothing satisfies me more than that uncomfortable moment for the boyfriend when he realizes that I used to jerk off on his girlfriend's breasts and she rubbed it in like it was Oil of Olay. When I firmly shake the dude's hands, I look them in the eye like a prizefighter but never get up enough courage to say, "Run away!" Or... "She likes it when you shove your thumb up her butt."

Most of the time I feel sorry for the guy, knowing that he has to put up with her crap and emotional insecurities when her blowjobs were B- at best.

So, I ran into a childhood friend walking to my brother's apartment. He's an artist of sorts and told me about all the new friends he's getting on myspace that want to buy his grafitti-inspired t-shirts and hoodies. He's living in Fort Greene Brooklyn which is an interesting neighborhood. We caught up for a few minutes in a casual conversation before we both continued on our way. One minute you are playing stickball in the playground and the next you're on myspace trolling for sexually depraved 17-year olds from Westchester County.

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