Monday, June 05, 2006

Ten Minute Monday: Sneezy

I got ten minutes before the Yankees-Red Sox game begins so my thoughts will be quick and short.

I woke up early around 6:30 and felt the allergies already invading. With the influx of heavy rains all of last week, the pollen counts were low and I had a good week. This morning I couldn't stop sneezing and popped a wonder pill. The knee had stabilized but it's still sore. I don't have to take painkillers anymore since the pain subsided. However, any excuse to pop a painkiller is OK with me.

I wrote for two hours before I did a load of laundry. After a buttered Everything bagel and an iced tea, I sat down and wrote an article for Poker Player Newspaper where I profiled an online player named Johnny Bax. I've been stockpiling articles for my column which runs every other week. That way I don't have to worry about missing deadlines for two months and I can focus on working on other projects when I'm in Las Vegas.

I leave for Tennessee in one week and I move back to Las Vegas in 10 days. This is the last week for me to crank out as many freelance assignments as possible. I'll have no time to write the rest of this month once I hit the road and whatever time I can scratch together will be devoted to writing a reviews and recaps of Bonnaroo for my blogs and a German magazine or like four Euros which is like sixty thousand US dollars. Just kidding. The US Dollar isn't doing that bad. I'll get enough to buy a dunkel of beer and a strudel and at least two lap dances. I get paid in British pounds for the writing I do for the UK Racing Post, but all the other European companies and sites that I write for pay me a flat fee in US dollars.

I'm trying to earn a month's worth of work inside of 11 days. That's what I've been doing the past five days and for the next five.

I went to the subway with a pocket full of loose change. I fed it all into the Metrocard machine, which takes coins. If I was in Vegas, I could take it to a casino which I have done in the past. Over the last six months, I accumulated a shitload of change during my many trips and time on the road. I would throw it in my computer bag and which I would empty into an old beer mug when I got back to NYC. The mug was nearly filled when I decided to use it for free subway rides for the rest of the week. I only had enough to get about a half of a lap dance.

Last year when I moved to Las Vegas, I saved money by not going to strip clubs when the WSOP ran for six plus weeks. When it ended, I went to Crazy Horse 2 with Grubby the next very day.

This year, I'm going to limit myself to one visit to a strip club every ten days. That way I have enough time to win money at the tables to fund my stripper habit. My goal is to fleece the tourists at the poker tables then use that income to pay cokehead single-mom strippers with fake boobs to rub up against me for $5 a minute while a random Britney Spears song plays in the background and I try to figure out of the guy who just walked out of the VIP room was really Kevin Federline.

Recent Writing Music...
1. The Dead Milkmen
2. The Beatles
3. Miles Davis
4. The Band with Bob Dylan
5. Tea Green Leaf

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