Sunday, June 25, 2006

Widespread Panic at Red Rocks: Saturday's Mini Review

This was a special show for me because it was my first Red Rocks Panic show! It rained for about twenty minutes before the first set began. We luckily missed a big hail storm. I went with the Joker and some of his Boulder crew.

I woke up early on Saturday in Las Vegas. I drove to Denny's for a French Slam breakfast before heading to the airport. When I left Vegas, it was 100 degrees. When I arived in Colorado, it was around 70 degrees. The drive to Boulder was quick and we headed out to Red Rocks right away. We picked up Edyn and hit the parking lot. The Joker grilled burgers and we drank beers.

I can sum up the show in seven words... average first set, kick ass second set.

6.24.06 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

Set I: Solid Rock, Little Kin > Thin Air (Smells like Mississippi) > Driving Song > Papa's Home > "Technical Difficulties" Drums > Jam > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Ain't Life Grand

Set II: Slippin' Into Darkness > Good People > Blight > Give, Don't Wanna Lose You, Chainsaw City > Second Skin > Chilly Water > Drums > Ribs And Whiskey > Life During Wartime > Chilly Water

Encore: None of Us Are Free, May Your Glass Be Filled

Notes: John Keane on Guitar enire show except, Pedal Steel on May Your Glass be Filled, Ain't Life Grand, and Second Skin, and nothing on Give
Thin Air > Driving Song was pretty nice, but then they had some technical issues and went into a mini-drums session and jam before they got everything working again. I think that's part of the reason for the short set (about an hour long). They closed set one with Aint Life Grand which smoked! Too bad as soon as they got groovin' again, they ended the set.

Second set opened up with a sizzling Slippin Into Darkness. I was pumped to see Give and Don't Wanna Lose You. The busted out Chainsaw City, a Jerry Joseph tune that they do not play very often. They also played Second Skin into Chilly Water. Of course I got soaked during Chilly Water. There's an urban WSP myth that guys piss into beer bottles then toss it into the crowd during Chilly Water.

Ribs & Whiskey is my favorite song off their new album and it's a song that gets the crowd dancing hard. The highlight of the show was the Talking Heads cover Life During Wartime. I've seen them perform at several shows and this version had the highest energy.

I thought the encores were lame. It reminded me of a sick Phish show when they'd punk out with a weak encore. That was my biggest criticism of Phish... and Panic pulled one of their lame tricks.

Overall, I can't complain too much about the show. The drugs were good and I got pretty hammered. One of Joker's friends had brought almost an entire bottle of Jack Daniels in with her. We took a few pulls during the show. Plus drinking in high altitudes gets me hammered faster.

I forgot to add the Santa story. Jessie saw Santa Claus posing for pictures and she wanted one too. I'll post those later. He came over and was looking for a ticket. Edyn sold him one of her extras. On the way out of the show, we happened to cut through a row of cars in the parking lot and there was Santa taking a piss.

"Yo Santa, what's up?"

He smiled and kept on pissing.

"I sold you the ticket," slurred Edyn.

"You did! Thanks!" Santa said as he zipped up his pants.

One show down, one more to go.

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