Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ten Minute Wednesdays

I passed out in overtime of the now infamous Boise State and Oklahoma game. I barely slept the night before and after a long drive back from San Francisco, I was wiped out. Nicky watched the rest of it and I could hear both her and the guys who live in the apartment upstairs screaming about the action.

Since I went to bed so early, I woke up super early on Tuesday and started cranking out random things on my list of things to do before I leave for Australia. Like go to the bank and the cleaners. I still have to do laundry and call my credit card companies to let them know I'll be overseas for a month. I called my broker and we discussed my financial strategy for 2007.

I finalized the Pauly's Pub fantasy pools. My brother Derek won two of my pools (College Football and Grid Iron), while my buddy from college Brad S. won the prestigious Pigskin Pick'em Pool. That was the second time he won. And poor Jerry. He finished in second place for the third year in a row! Always a bridemaid, Jerry...

Congrats to the money winners in the 2006 Pauly's Pub Pigskin Pick'em NFL Pool:
1. how bout a fresca (BradSinger) $400
2. Well T'anks for Nuttin' (Jerry) $200
3. Mean, Dumb, and Uglies (ScurvyDog) $100
4. Austin Drunks (MattS) $60
I was pissed off at first, but now I'm very disappointed that I got stiffed close to $100 this season by entrants who did not pay. Combine that number with last year's football pool with 2006 March Madness, I had to pay over $200 out of my pocket in these pools, instead of paying out less than what I promised. I try to be a man of my word and if I say I'm going to pay out a specific amount, then I stick to that. By the way, thanks to a stand up guy like CJ who offered to send me money to cover the loss. I appreciate your act of kindness. I'm simply going to write this off as an entertainment expense.

I had close to one thousand emails to sort through that built up over the last few weeks. Most of it was junk mail or shill sites wanting links to my poker blog. I've been answering emails at a record pace over the past hour, and I'm still way behind. I need an email intern.

I still have to crank out Truckin' in between now and tonight. I expect to get it done. I don't have a choice. I have a trip to the bank still on my list in addition to buying a bathing suit so I can look hip on Bondi Beach.

I watched Jack Ass 2 last night and some of the scenes were pure sickness. Lots of puke and shit in this one. I wanted to go see The Good German or The Good Shepherd, but due to time constraints, a trip to the movie theatre seemed a waste of time with so many errands to run. Wheaton wrote an enticing review of The Good Shepherd, so much so that I hope it's still playing in February when I get back from Australia.

On Tuesday, I ate breakfast at John O'Groats and got their infamous French Toast with the best fuckin' bacon in LA. We actually ate dinner in the Valley. And I suggested it, because Mexicali is one of my favorite Mexican joints. Nicky and I met up with her sister and boyfriend as I drank Red Stripe and ate a Cobb Salad Chicken burrito. Yummy.

I downloaded the last four episodes of 30 Rock and the last two episodes of The Office via iTunes. I now have three hours or so of stuff to watch on my iPod for the flight to Oz. I added a couple of random Tool albums in a quick crash course of their last few years of work. I'm going to see them in Melbourne with Caldwell.

I'm supposed to meet Joe Speaker for lunch in a few hours downtown and later tonight, I have my farewell dinner with Nicky, Showcase, and his girlfriend. Hijinks will ensue.

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