Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pharaoh's Dance

By Pauly
New York City

I completed an amazing writing session on Tuesday. It might have been the best session I had since my return to NYC and one of the best I had this year. I can't explain why. I was still sickly when I woke up but in a short burst, I cranked out over 4,800 words... raising my overall output to 9,100 for this new project. I wrote more on Tuesday than I did in the four previous days, and I did it in such a short spurt that I had several free hours to work on other stuff.

My philosophy for this project is to write when I feel like it, but at the same time, I'm not writing in the comfortable style that I usually do. Which is, I start pounding the keyboard and never stop, not even to catch my breath. I guess you can say, I write like a freight train out of control and I ignore the errors or syntax issues and just plod away trying to get everything down and I become one with my stream of consciousness and I just unleash myself onto the pages. Then when I run out of steam, I go back and edit. Which I always hate doing.

With the new project, I'm more careful and I'm taking more and more time tightening everything up before I proceed. That's why the first 4,000 words took four days to write. I had the bulk of it written in the first two days, but I edited for the majority of the last two. It's a new approach and I think it works. For example, today I hope to write only a little with my goal slashing and tightening what I wrote yesterday, so I can take a day off and relax for Turkey Day. Then I'll devote Friday to catching up with other freelance work and answering emails. My one day work week.

I wrote exclusively to Miles Davis on Tuesday. At times, I just left Bitches Brew on repeat, particularly the two tracks Pharaoh's Dance and Miles Runs the Voodoo Down. Dark. Funky. Dirty. Sloppy. Some of Miles best stuff and a sheer inspiration to write to.

I got a package in the mail and it was the latest release of the Live Phish series called Vegas 96 which documented Phish's first ever visit to Las Vegas in December of 1996. It is a three disc set, with one bonus disc and also came with a DVD. I expect to be listening to that in the background today, along with selections from their infamous 11.21.98 Hampton, VA show. That happened nine years ago today.

I love a good Phish segue. The Joker has been hard at work the last week or so updating the Phish and Music Blog regularly. He's put up a variety of posts and included links to free music. If you haven't been in a while, I suggest that you check it out. Just a few months ago, I was struggling for content, and now we have so much to say. Let's hope this streak keeps up.

Since my return to NYC, I have been working diligently on various websites and freelance work. I posted two pieces on Phish Blog today.

I also write something for Las Vegas Vegas called Things to Do in Las Vegas When You are Broke.

I worked on the December issue of Truckin'.

I updated Pauly's Pub and of course, Tao of Poker.

In addition to maintaining the websites, I wrote articles for Poker Player Newspaper and the Ongame Zone, which is owned by the Swedes. I also started my column for Bluff Magazine, but then I stopped since it's not due for another two weeks.

And I completed my latest gallery on Flickr, called Australia II. It includes pics from my trip last month.

Oh, and I finally bought my ticket to Australia in January. We're definitely heading to New Zealand for a few days after my work assignment is over in Melbourne. Nicky bought her ticket as well and we shall return to Hollyweird in early February after spending a good month down under. I briefly thumbed through my New Zealand travel book, but I haven't had the time to focus on that trip. I still have a Las Vegas adventure in two weeks. Once that trip is complete, I can start to think about the OZ/NZ leg.

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