Thursday, March 06, 2008

On the Cusp of a Good Time

By Pauly
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I woke up in a strange hotel, once again, trying to prevent the maids from coming in the room even though I put up the Do Not Disturb sign. Since I was up early, I wrote before I went on a short walk. It ended because of the heavy sun shower. I ducked into a Denny's and ate an omelete while I waited out the rain.

I found a head shop in Pompano Beach and drove over to the Peace Pipe. A chick from Long Island was working behind the counter. I told her that I needed disposable party utensils for Langerado. I ended up spending almost $75 on a couple of pieces, incense, and a grinder. She gave me a free lighter.

I drove to the airport to pick up the Joker and Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot. I was early. The flight(s) were delayed.

We went to Miami Beach. They have never been before. We cruised down Collins and up Ocean Drive. We parked in a lot that happened to be above police emergency vehicles. We walked up and down Ocean Drive. The Joker loved checking out all the freaks. South Beach is the polar opposite for Colorado. We stopped for a drink at Wet Willies, a bar with an upstairs deck.

While we were there, an MTV production crew shot B-roll of random stuff across the street. They were filming something involving a local hip hop artists called Flo Rida. He had a posse with him. The party spilled over into Wet Willies. The cameras followed up to the deck where we were sipping frozen Pina Colodas.

We grabbed dinner at Jerry's Deli on Collins. I went for a half of a pastrami sandwich and a knish. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel in order to scout out good strip clubs via the internet. We found a few near by.

We ended up at Cheetah 3. The cover charge was $5, almost free compared to the $20 or $30 fees in Las Vegas. The girls were fully nude and aggressive. Five minutes after The Joker sat down, he was swarmed by the ladies. One grabbed his crotch as she sat down.

The talent was better than average and we didn't stay for too long. I didn't drink more than one beer, since I was driving. I got lip from the bartender because all I ordered was a Redbull. It cost $7.50.

We're driving out to Langerado in the early afternoon. The four-day festival is being held at the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. We'll be camping out in an RV. We're supposed to meet up with the rest of the crew on Thursday evening. They are driving an RV down from G-Vegas, SC. Otis, Mrs. Otis, G-Rob, Mrs. G-Rob, and Uncle Ted will be joining our crew for Langerado 2008.

On Thursday kicks off the festival with 11 bands playing... The Palominos, Ben Jelen, Dead Confederate, Golem, Les Claypool, That 1 Guy, Busdriver, Awesome New Republic, The New Deal, Dark Star Orchestra, and Perpetual Groove. I'm particularly excited about Dark Star Orchestra, which is a Grateful Dead cover band from Chicago.

Can't wait. I'll be posting live updates here and over at our Langerado blog.

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