Friday, March 21, 2008

Sloth Thursday

By Pauly
New York City

I was exhausted by the time midnight rolled around. I had been partying hard for twelve straight hours. I barely got off my brother's couch as I watched non-stop college basketball.

The day started out super early, with a run, a writing session, and a load of laundry. I stopped by the Greek diner for a breakfast sandwich. I love it when I walk in and the old guy behind the counter says, "The usual?"

The usual is a breakfast sandwich... bacon, egg, and cheese on a kaiser roll. I have been limiting myself to one of those a week. I could eat two a day if I strayed from my current diet. Those are so damn tasty and the bacon melts in your mouth.

Yesterday, the Rooster asked me if it felt good to be back in New York. I told him about the incident in the diner, and how I miss that aspect of NYC the most. I could be away for weeks or months, but as soon as I pop into the diner, the old guy behind the counter asks, "The usual?"

Even the Chinese lady that answers the phone at the local take out place knows me. Well, she knows my specific order. When I'm around, Derek and I always order from a Chinese restaurant a few blocks from his apartment. We usually get the same thing and before I blurt out the words, she finishes my order for me. I also think that they know us because we're great tippers.

I had an average day on my sheets. I'm nowhere close to the top of the pack, but I'm not too far back. Garth had a perfect sheet for Pauly's Pub. Jesus fuck, nice catch, Skip. Will the Aussie win another one of my pools? I might have to outlaw foreign-born contestants in the future!

The day went by fast. I live blogged the action on Tao of Poker, which was fun but I forgot how hard live blogging was... and I happened to be a bit rusty. I finally got the hang of it again. A few friends called... from the bar for Dial-a-Shots... like AlCantHang and Mean Gene. They had off and caught the games at their local watering holes.

Even Nicky was getting into the games. After all, she won my pool last year after she beat me by 10 points. Anyway, she hates USC and enjoyed their early exit courtesy of Michael Beasley and Kansas State. And her local team, UCLA, crushed their opponent and won by over 40 points.

I gambled on five games. I went 3-2 for a small profit. I was off with my picks. With at least ten blowouts on the card, I ended up picking several close games. The two loses? Both underdogs who I picked against in my pools, but decided to bet money on them with the points for some value. Man, was I wrong. I'm hoping that I make better picks today.

There were 16 games on Thursday and 16 more games today starting at noon. Head over to Tao of Poker to follow the live blog.

Just realized that today is Good Friday, which means no meat for all of you good Catholics. Of course that means Sunday is Easter, which also means that I have to sit through a boring family meal instead of ripping bingers and watching hoops.

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