Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I woke up early and wrote. I was shocked when Nicky magically appeared in the living room without me having to wake her up. Since she was up earlier than expected, we headed over to Nick's since that's where I always go for my last meal when I depart Los Angeles. On Tuesday morning, Nick's was closed due to some sort of work on the gas line. We settled on our second choice... O'Groats. We didn't have too much traffic to sit through even though it was rush hour on the first day back to work after a three-day weekend.

I usually get the same thing at O'Groats which includes an iced tea, French toast, a side of bacon, and home fries. After breakfast we loaded up the car and dropped off the keys at the housesitter. We left LA at 11:20am and made good time despite stopping twice, once in Victorville where I took a leak on a tree behind a Denny's and the second time in Baker were we smoked up behind a Dairy Queen.

I drove from Baker to Vegas and listened to a bunch of selections from different Phish shows I saw in 1998 and 1999 which I downloaded from

During my turn to drive, traffic was light, except at the poorly designed 215 interchange which slowed us up a bit. We technically reached the Las Vegas city limits within four hours, but it took us another 27 minutes to reach our house in Summerlin. We pulled into the driveway of Scheckytown at 3:47... two minutes later that the 3:45pm ETA that I texted Jen Leo a couple of hours earlier.

The first time I saw the house it was empty because Schecky and Jen Leo had not moved in yet. The best part of our room is the king size bed. Our bed last year was a little on the small side. The worst bed I had to endure in the last nine months had to be the one in our apartment in Barcelona... which was built for hobbits.

We didn't drag as much stuff through the dessert as we did last year. Unloading Nicky's car was a breeze. It was on the warm side in Las Vegas and jumped in the pool to cool off.

Jen made me a great dessert that involved shortcake, sugar, strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla ice cream. Yummmmo!

I drove around to familiarize myself with my new digs. We're only a couple of minutes from Red Rock casino and fifteen minutes from Red Rock Canyon national park. I located the closest bank and found important places like Whole Foods and the closest head shop. Nicky sent me on a mission purchase a suitable smoking device. I haggled with the Persian guy behind the counter. I worked out a deal (and saved $10) and got a free ash tray thrown in.

I ate dinner with my roommates at Nora's Wine Bar, which is this yuppie eatery located in between a Williams & Sonoma and a Baby Gap just across the street. The wine seemed a little overpriced but they had reasonably-priced Italian food. We got two special starters involving meatballs. One plate was a risotta, peas, and meat ragu balls and the other plate had sweet and sour Italian meatballs.

After dinner, we watched the end of the Lakers game. That's when Schecky busted out Guitar Hero III. I had to make a few phone calls and I sat by the pool as I heard everyone having a good time inside. Nicky did better than me. I'll need to practice. Oh, and Schecky also has a wii which I'm sure I can figure out how we make outrageous prop bets.

I have a meeting on work meeting on Thursday and the World Series of Poker begins on Friday, which means I have one day to myself before it's non-stop work.

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