Wednesday, June 18, 2008


By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

This morning was set aside to recharge. I woke up, wrote, then went for a hike in Red Rock Canyon. I touched the rocks and let go of some lesser important issues while I tackled more import ones. It was essential for me to be by myself and let my mind wander and race and reboot.

I love rolling down the windows, cranking a Dead bootleg, firing up a fatty up and just driving and soaking p the scenery. The landscape soothes me.

And I needed some soothing. Overall, the first 20 days have gone better than expected. It was only over the last 48 hours where I began to have some issues. Of course at the time, they were major in my eyes. Luckily I had some close friends who gave me sound advice and talked me off a few ledges. I'm not want to jump off a ledge, moreso stand up there and chuck sharp instruments at the knuckleheads and douchebags below.

And yes, nothing is worse that douchebag tilt. The mountains and the music and the reminder why I'm here all jolted me back. I'm refreshed, feeling chipper, and have clean clothes.

I'm waiting for the last ten minutes of the dryer to finish up and I will have clean underwear for the first time since my arrival three weeks ago. Clean clothes always put me in a positive mood. And in Las Vegas, if you are having a bad day, the demons attack your sense and you're pulled into a pit and pummeled by all the negativity surrounding Sin City.

Plus, if I'm in a good mood, everyone around me feeds off of that energy especially Nicky. She's had a few tough days so far at work, but part of the reason she's been in a good head space is because I'm fine and not flipping out or freaking out which I usually down every two weeks like clock work during the WSOP.

I'm due for a major freakout. I average three every WSOP. I have had zero so far. Although I hope that the minor flare up over the last two days might have been the big one. If so, then I have some smooth sailing ahead of me.

I feel as though I have a slight edge over everyone who has been in Las Vegas for three weeks. Many of them had the benefit of a day off or two. Even though I worked every day, my energy levels are as high as they have ever been over the last four years. The intensity level in my various writing (online and off line) reflect that. The editors of one magazine were impressed with what I have been churning out for them, while I have been approached by a potential new client after they read clips from various outlets. Now, if I can only et them to pay me in Euros....

I have four weeks left in Las Vegas. Time to step it up another notch.

I filled up my tank for $43. Gas was $4.17 at one place down the road. Most of the places I drive by everyday were around $4.21 and up to $4.38. I can get by on one fill up per week. If gas prices stay under $5 before July 4th, I'll go under budget for sure. When I figured out my potential WSOP expenses, I factored in gas at $5/gallon.

Anyway, dryer is almost done. Time to go and fetch clean clothes.

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