Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Aftermath and the Party Monster

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Dead ants are smushed up against the floorboards in Scheckytown. The casualties of war. Ah, the fog of war, where there is no black and white, just shades of grey. I know that most people who view life as two polar opposites are the unhappy souls Kill or be killed. My world is several shades of grey.

Almost 26 hours after the bombing, the house still stinks... a bit. But I have not seen any ants since then. Still waiting for that counter-attack.

I went to see a flick last night...Get Smart. It was a 10:40pm viewing. I left work early and Nicky and I went to the movie theatre in Red Rock Casino. Somewhere at the end of the second act and the beginning of the third... I fell asleep. Passed out. The movie was not bad or boring. I didn't think it was amazing, because it had several funny moments especially Steve Carell hijinks. I was simply exhausted. I guess my body was telling me something. For the first time since the accident, I wasn't rushing to do something or write a deadline or work on the mountain of projects. I simply sat still. My body took that as a sign that I was in bed since that was the only other times I did nothing. Alas, I fell asleep and woke up when Nicky was nudging me during the closing credits. Ooooops.

The next two days are easy days before the Main Event of the WSOP begins on Thursday. This is party time at the WSOP and lots of companies throw ragers and blow tons of cash to pimp their shit and try to outdo everyone else by throwing the party of the year. I blew off one on Monday night and went to see a movie instead... and fell asleep. I wonder what sort of mood I would have been in had I went to the party? Probably would have passed out in the corner and rolled by broke poker players.

There's a big pool party on Tuesday (today) and on sizzling party on Wednesday. I think I'll skip tonight's to go home and write and rest up and save myself for Wednesday's party at Sapphire strip club. The magazine I write for is hosting that.

In the past I used to get super excited about these parties. Now? Not so much. The parties are overpopulated with he same idiots and douchebags that I loathe in the poker industry. I let me writing do the talking for me... so I don't have to kiss ass and schmooze to get respect or get noticed by the top industry figures. One of my buddies said that he was envy of my position as an independent entity in poker because I can do what I want and blow off functions where they have mandatory attendance. I prefer it that way.

Nicky is excited because she gets to dress up and be all fancy. So because of that, I'll suck it up and make a token appearance at one of the many parties. When I do go to these things, I almost always stand near the free bar and knock back free drinks and stand in a circle with my friends and make fun of all the people we can't stand in poker. Then we leave and have our own after-party away from the morons and sheep.

Anyway... it's 10am. I'm a little sore. Still very sleepy. But I wrote for an hour and now I'm off for a hike in Red Rock Canyon.

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