Friday, July 04, 2008

Beginning of the End

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I woke up a little hungover and still smelling like stripper perfume.

Nicky and I went to OHOP for breakfast. I love their chocolate chip pancakes.

We got to work super early... closer to 10:30am. Today will be a 15+ hour day at the minimum. I'll probably put 2+ hours of writing time at home before I crash.

I sat in the press box in between Andrew Feldman from ESPN and Vin from Casino City Times.

I saw Wayne Newton who kicked off the festivities for the WSOP main event. I also ran into Jason Alexander aka George Costanza. He played today and busted out early. He said hello to me when we crossed paths. Wil Wheaton introduced me to Costanza at the WPT Invitational in LA back in 2006. Mekhi Phifer and Ray Romano were the other celebrities playing today.

The other night I met the lead singer from Anthrax. He played in a big charity event yesterday called Ante Up for Africa. That event attracted plenty of big celebs like Charles Barkely, Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Shane Warne who is a cricket god from Australia who is like the Michale Jordan of cricket.

I didn't pop too many generic vikes... only two all day. This batch is not very strong so two is really like one.

I won $20 lime tossing with Otis.

I ate a bacon grilled cheese for dinner. Yummo.

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