Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bird Flu Approaches

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

My Thursday began too fast. I took a couple of hours to adjust because I was thrown out of my routine. And after six plus weeks, I'm very used to a specific routine. Wake up. Write. Shower. Eat. Go to work. Come home. Write. Crash for three hours. Rinse. Repeat.

I woke up later than usual after staying up late to write. Nicky had the day off, so she ignored my cell phone alarm. I was trying to wake her up to drive me to work until I found out that Scheky was going into work early. I had a small window to get all my shit together and rushed out to catch a ride so Nicky didn't have to get up to do that. Aren't I sweet? I let her sleep in on her day off.

As soon as I arrived at the Rio, I was kicked out of the press box by a security guard. I was told that no media were allowed inside. No exceptions. I reluctantly went into the hallway and sat down at an empty booth. I finished up one article, but a couple of poker agents came by to chat me up. Ah, the early vultures get the rotten apples with all the worms.

Then I started getting the questions from random poker fans and spectators looking for the most random indformation. Once that started happening, I packed up my gear. That was no place to write amidst the constant distractions. I fled to the bar to finish up some writing that I never got to do in the morning.

My friends Brandon and Iggy are still alive and in the hunt for $9 million. If they can survive one more day of poker, then they will win at least $21,000. And if they can keep going? Well... you know that story.

Aside from the accident, my health this summer was much better than last year. I almost always get sick in some way or another. Last year I got the Otis Rash and had tons of other issues. Right now, I'm still stiff from the accident and some mornings are rougher than others. I'm used to those aches by now.

I'm most worried about catching a cold. I can feel the beginnings of one. Slight runny nose. Scratchy throat. The germs always invade when I'm seriously sleep deprived. Tiffany (the on air talent for Poker News) sat next to me the other day and she was hacking up a lung. I guess hot chicks can get away with that, but I sort of gave her some guff and told her that I was going to flame her on my blog(s) if I contracted the bird flu from her.

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