Monday, July 07, 2008

I Weigh Less Than Michalski

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Me taking a piss in the trailer courtesy of Michele Lewis

There is a scale in one of the service hallways. As I walked past it with Michalski, we both stepped on the scale. He outweighed me by a good 15 pounds. Shocker.

"You're crystal meth diet seems to be working," he said.

My headache finally subsided about half way into the day. I felt as though most of my output was blah and I always get down when I feel like I did not write to my potential which happens to be like 99% of the time.

Several baseball players played in the WSOP on Sunday including former NY Yankee David Wells and Jose Canseco. Orel Hershiser played the other day. Paul Azinger, the golfer, was also in the mix with the usual celebrity poker players in Jen Tilly and Shannon Elizabeth. Sam Simon, the producer of The Simpsons was in the mix but busted out. PokerStars sponsored Orel and Wells. Otis said he met him in the Caribbean.

Two UFC big wigs, Chuck Lidell and Forrest Griffin, were playing. Griffin had won a fight the night before and showed up all kinds of fucked up. He busted out early. I was invited to a press conference, but I blew it off because it was on one of my breaks.

One super hack had been ripping off Nicky's work all summer. It's frustrating too see her unable to defend herself. On my end, somedays it's hard to motivate myself to write when I know it's going to get poached by the lazy fuckers.

I have been back to lime tossing with Otis. I was ahead but then Otis pulled even with a good showing the other night.

AlCantHang and Grubby sighting in Vegas this past weekend, along with GMoney who is in town to sweat Iggy in the Main Event.

I had been listening a lot to Beck, Bob Dylan, and Jerry Garcia Band when I have been writing.

Nicky, Otis, Gracie, Mookie and some other friends got screwed by one of their advertisers. Because they all got dropped from Google for selling links. Ooops. The internet's dirty little secret.

Felt warm ad fuzzy when Derek sent me a text telling me that the Yankees beat the Red Sox. I missed the end of the Federer-Nadal match. Nadal beat the unbeatable Federer.

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