Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things They Twittered

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

taopauly: RIP Bobby Murcer

taopauly: just puked up my ohop breakfast. bacon bits in vomit. about 5 hours ago from

taopauly: I'm super sick. How do I know? I slept seven straight hours.... without drugs.

taopauly: I'm soooo tired.... I attempted to open up the front door to the house by clicking the UNLOCK button on my car keys

Gamblingblues: Sock shopping today. I am a wild man.

snailtrax: Anyone here ever masturbate with a tapioca pudding soaked cheesecloth? My uncle needs to know.

SnailTrax Has anyone else ever sprained their ankle while masturbating on the toilet?. I kinda need to know.

SnailTrax: iggy, do that trick where you say you have a piece of gum stuck to your shorts, and when they look it's really just you holding your sack.

SnailTrax: I'm 32 today, thus marking ten full years since I've seen my penis without the use of a mirror. I miss seeing my penis.

otis: asks what I'm doing. I'm ashamed to say I'm watching what has to be the final season of Happy Days. I think Fonzie is suicidal.

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