Sunday, August 17, 2008

Free Books

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

In the spirit of Otis, I'm giving away a couple of books that I read in the last 6-9 months. Some of these were beach books or accompanied me on my travels in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. I actually acquired one of the books on a recent trip to Colorado.

Instead of letting these books collect dust in Change100's apartment, I figured I'd give them away to friends and/or readers who are interested in reading the books and then passing them onto their friends. For example, Spaceman gave me the Richard Ford book two years ago, and I'd like to pass that book of short stories onto a worthy person.

If you want a book, shoot me an email indicating which book you want and a mailing address. First come, first serve.

Here are the books...
1. The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac
2. Rock Springs by Richard Ford
3. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer
4. Hotel California by Barney Hoskyns
5. No Logo by Naomi Klein
6. Miles by Miles Davis with Quincy Troupe
Two of the books are related to music... the Miles Davis biography and Hotel California which focuses on the music scene in LA during the 1960-70s and includes stories about CSN, Neil Young, the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and Linda Ronstadt.

As I said earlier, the Richard Ford book is a collection of short stories.

No Logo is a detailed account about marketing, branding, and big business in the 1990s.

Under the Banner of Heaven is one of the best books I ever reach about the history of the Mormon religion.

The Kerouac book is self-explanatory.


Editor's Note...

In less than three hours, five of the books are gone! They were gobbled up by Sloshr, Scott, Daddy, Chenzilla, and Cherie. Only one book remains... Hotel California. I forgot to add that Lee Jones knew I was a big music fan, so he recommended Hotel California for to me to read.

So that's the only book still available.

One More Editor's Note...

As of 8pm ET, the book sale is closed. Elliot got the last book. Thanks to everyone who wrote me. Sorry that you missed out. I'll be doing this shortly.

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