Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lazy Foxes

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

The Joker sent me a copy of Ragged Wood from the Fleet Foxes a couple of months ago. He said that they were similar to My Morning Jacket. I finally got around to listening the indie band du jour. I think they are a little more twangy than MMJ. The Seattle band is on the Sub Pop label. The lead singer looks a guy you'd score shrooms from at the parking lot of a Phish concert.

Here's a sample...

Speaking of Phish, someone from Phish sent me an advance copy of their latest DVD Walnut Creek. I watched it over the weekend with Nicky. I watched it a second time on Monday afternoon as I took notes for a review that I posted over at Coventry. Seeing the DVD reminded me about how much I used to have when I followed around Phish and it was a glimpse into what the future might bring if they do indeed get back together next summer.

Sunday was a lazy day. I got up early and wrote and Nicky was still asleep so I wadered over to Nick's by myself and sat at the counter. I read the latest issue of Relix and was pleased to discover that Coventry music blog was mentioned in their Bonnaroo coverage.

For some reason the Yankees/Angeles game was blacked out on mlb.tv. It was supposed to be on TBS in LA, but we weren't getting that station. I missed the crazy game where the Yankees came from behind to take the lead, then coughed it when Mark Teixeira hit a grand slam. But the Yanks rallied when they capitalized on several errors to split the four-game series with the Angels. Xavier Nady had a monster game on Sunday.

The Yanks are in LA this weekend playing the Angels. Derek is coming into town and we have tickets for Sunday's game. If the Yanks can take two out of three, that will be clutch.

Sunday was a lazy day and all I did was smoke up, play online poker, and watch bad movies on TV. The schedule for Sunday Pothead Cinema included Igby Goes Down, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and Van Wilder. Tara Reid went downhill after that flick. Fast. And now that Ryan Reynolds clown gets to shove his face in Scarlet Johasson's bobbies and suck on her nipples. Every night. Lucky ass mofo.

I also caught up with Generation Kill. Daddy recommended it. I don't think it's as good as Band of Brothers, but it's still holding my attention... which is rare these days. Wondering how the rest of the series will turn out.

On Sunday night, we checked in on Nicky's parents cat and grilled up some chicken breast marinated in Stubbs BBQ sauce. I also ate a slice of death aka chocolate silk pie which is like 450 calories a slice. The entire pie contains more calories than an Ethiopian village consumes in an entire ear. The sad thing is that I could probably eat en entire pie in a single sitting.

On Monday, I cranked out an article for Poker Player Newspaper and the Phish DVD review. I have to pre-write about four columns and get them in the can just in case I don't have time to write when I'm on assignment in Atlantic City or London.

I bought my flight to Europe last week. To and from JFK to Amsterdam cost $1,000 on the days/times/carrier I wanted. Flights from NYC to London were around $700 and up. I prefer flying on KLM, especially since I'm going to Amsterdam. I could have gotten a $150 cheaper flight on Iberia, but that would have made me go through Newark. I haven't booked my Amsterdam > London > Amsterdam leg. But those flights look rather cheap.

I'm still looking for a cheap apartment to rent since hotels are ridiculously expensive in Amsterdam these days with the dollar getting pounded harder than a red light district window hooker on a Saturday night. I actually have two trips to Amsterdam scheduled... both before and after 10 days in London. I'm raging solo for a few days before I have to fly to London and after my assignment there, Nicky will be joining me for a couple of days of hijinks in Amsterdam. The last time I was there was in February. Nicky's last trip to Amsterdam was with me in September.

The maids are coming to clean the apartment in a few hours Have to lock up all the incriminating things and random valuables. I also have to remember where I hid my bankroll.

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