Friday, August 22, 2008

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By Pauly
San Francisco, CA

Woke up early and wrote before we loaded up the car and ate a quick breakfast at Nick's before we hit the road. We officially got on the road at 9:05pm. Escaping LA seemed rather easy despite the time of departure. We whizzed out of town, over the hills, through the Valley, and into the flatlands.

The moon was out at 10am and it was sort of freaky. We switched drivers and I took the wheel from 10:05 to almost 1pm. I made great time and there were moments when the traffic was flowing at 85+ mph. There were moments when I was driving 95 and I wasn't the fastest car on the road.

Nicky droved the last hour or so and navigated us into San Francisco. We had not been back since New Year's Day on 2007. The Joker arrived much earlier than us and had already been drinking at the Kezar Pub with Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot. We parked around the corner and drank and watched the Olympics. I knocked back pints of Pilsner Urquell until it was time to check into out hotel next door.

I booked a two bedroom suite almost six months ago the day that they announced the dates for the Outside Lands Festival. The festival is in Golden Gate Park and I searched for something near the park so we could walk back and forth without having to drive or worry about cabs or local buses. I found an outrageous deal on a two-bedroom suite, but I stayed in enough hotels to know that you have to wait and see for yourself to really determine if we got a sweet deal or got fucked over.

Well, after a quick inspection of the room... we lucked out. It's the top story of an old Victorian house. It looks like it used to be an apartment converted into a hotel suite. There's a massive dining room and kitchen. We could fit a table in the kitchen and two poker tables in the dining room. There's a long hallway that's bigger than some NYC studio apartments. We have a good sized living room and of course two bedrooms. Only drawback? One bathroom.

The Joker said it looked like some grandma's apartment. He was kinda right with the antique furniture (cheesy not rustic) and old paintings on the walls.

We spent a lot of time in our hotel last night because it was so comfortable. It really feels like we rented an apartment for a four nights and doesn't feel like a traditional hotel. That is something that I prefer since I live in so many hotels these days.

Anyway, we ate North Beach Pizza for dinner and went back to Kezar Pub to watch the Niners/Bears game.

Today should be fun. Olympics at the pub. Renting bicycles. Then the festival kicks off at 5pm. The highlights tonight will be Beck and Radiohead. Wow... it finally sunk it as I typed that.

Can't fuckin' wait...

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